A Complete Guide to Arranging the Transportation For Your Company Offsite Or Corporate Event

The very mention of a company event creates a buzz among the employees. Everyone gets excited to break from the monotony of the office routine and interact socially with fellow workers in a more relaxed environment. However, arranging a corporate event in and around Mumbai is no mean feat and it takes weeks of planning to execute it successfully.

Transport arrangement is one of the key aspects of the planning to get attendees from here to there. Here are some useful tips to do it right.

  1. Number of Attendees

Find out the number of employees who will be attending the event and travel in the company-hired vehicle. This will give you an idea about the seating capacity of the vehicle. For example, a tempo traveller is ideal for a group size of 13-26 individuals. A minibus is more appropriate for group sizes 27-35. A luxury bus in Mumbai makes a better choice for group sizes above 35 members.

  1. Location of the Event

The event’s location will help you determine the number of vehicles you need to hire. If the event is happening within the city for half-day or full-day, you can book the vehicle for just to and fro transportation. However, if the event is scheduled outside the city for the whole day or overnight, you will need to make sure that you book accordingly.

  1. Luggage Space Requirement

Luggage space is necessary for carrying bags, travel gear, laptops, food, etc, depending on the purpose and duration of the event. Make sure that the vehicle you hire can accommodate the same.

  1. Coordination and Communication

There is a high possibility of mismanagement if a large number of employees are travelling and the number of vehicles is more than two. Check with traveller booking in Mumbai whether they can provide a dedicated travel manager for your event.

  1. Features and Amenities

Do you want reclining seats and padded armrests? Is a mobile charging point, music system, or wi-fi facility necessary? Do you need an air-conditioned vehicle? Do you need sleeper births if travelling overnight? The answers to these questions will help you choose the right vehicle.

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You need to book the rental vehicle with SimplyTrip at least 2-6 weeks before your corporate event date to avoid any last-minute hassles and pick the best vehicle. SimplyTrip will ensure a memorable travel experience for your employees during the corporate event.