A Complete Guide-Stellar Splitter for Outlook 

The world is slowly embracing technological tools and making life easier for everyone. How do we not expect businesses to do the same? Work has become more disciplined and organized ever since MS Outlook was introduced for communication and transactions. But if you don’t know your way around this perfect application, you will end up with PST file corruption.

Large size PST files are a headache but definitely not uncommon. If you don’t split them, you’ll end up with corrupt files and total mismanagement of MS Outlook. The operations stop and the work gets delayed. Since most inter-organizational and cross-communication with other business models are mostly happening through Outlook these days, it is important that MS Outlook functions are intact and not hindered. What would you do without that much-needed e-mail communication? Are you willing to struggle for the lost data? Will your organization or work model sustain the hit after halted communication for a few days or even weeks? 

MS Office doesn’t have an inherent application or tool that will help with PST file splitting. That is why we decided to review a third-party tool, Stellar Splitter for Outlook. It is a software that allows you to break down the large size of PST files without altering the data in the original file. It further helps in systematic arrangement of the smaller files for your quick access. 

Here’s what we feel about this application and its features.

The Evident Advantages of using Stellar Splitter for Outlook

These are the advantages/benefits of having Stellar Splitter for your MS Outlook. Very clearly, it has made the job of file splitting easier, safer and better. This is a powerful tool that helps in splitting the PST files according to the criteria specified by the user. It doesn’t alter the data from the initial full file that is being broken down to smaller portions. It automatically creates the batch and organizes the smaller PST files for quick retrievance.

The Functions

  • Data is Preserved – The application does its job and moves away. Before, during or after splitting, it does not disturb the data of the PST files. 
  • Multi-functional – If you are in a rush, Stellar helps to create batches and split multiple PST files at a time and then organize them into respective batch folders.
  • Diverse Options – You select the criteria based on which the splitting must happen. It could be date, size, e-mail IDs. range and more
  • Layout and design – When you are using Stellar, all the options are right in front of you! There is no struggle to find the tools or the buttons while working with it. 

Stellar has one more awesome feature that you won’t find in other Splitting applications on the World Wide web!

  • Create Log Report – Software uses Log reports to document the entire process of splitting a large PST to smaller PST files. For your quick reference, you can always come back and see how the work was processed. 

Ease of Work

It is pretty much easy to get started on this Software. As soon as you launch the application, you will see a page that prompts you to either add the PST file or drag it to the window. Either way, the upload is faster and you can begin with the splitting. There is no extravagant display of icons or buttons. Everything is clear and any one who is remotely tech-savvy will find their way around the software tool. 

Speed of Work

The speed at which the Stellar Splitter software works is phenomenal! This comes from the fact that you can pre-decide the criterion for splitting. This gives the right in put to the software and it does the work accordingly. The users can relax and let the techno-tool do its job without monitoring anything in between. 


The software is predominantly made to assist file splitting in MS Outlook. And it is great that they gave a thought about making it compatible with most of the versions. Stellar Splitter for Outlook works with all versions from 2003 to 2019. 

Analysing the Criterias Further…

As we have previously discussed, Stellar allows you to choose the criterion based on which you want to split the PST files. Here’s what you will find on the software.

Split by Size

The uncomfortable large size of a PST can be split into a comfortable, pre-agreed on smaller size. We will make that complicated sentence more comprehensible. You can select the size of the smaller PST files – 5GB-50GB and then decide where to save them. 

Split by Date

It is the first option that you would see as soon as you get to select the criterion. Based on a specific time period or preferably months, you can split all the PST files of large size during this period. 

Split by E-mail

This tool is very useful when you want to split PST files associated with certain E-mail IDs. after you select this option, only PST files of those specified email IDs will be broken down to smaller versions. 

Split by Folders

Lastly, the easiest option according to us, you can split the PST on the basis of specific folders that host certain email IDs. The cumulative large files of these folders will be split and reorganized into batches.

The final step after selecting the criterion is to select a Folder where you would want the split PSTs to be saved. Hurrah! And you are done!

User Guide

The three simple steps will launch the PST splitting process

Step 1: Select Your PST file

Step 2: Select the location to save your PST File and click on ‘Split’

Step 3: A pop up will appear saying your splitting process is complete

Our Verdict

One of the best things about Stellar Splitter for Outlook is that you don’t need to be super tech-savvy to understand how to work with it. Also, it provides diverse options to help you with splitting those large PST files to smaller versions. You won’t be losing out on any of your data and without disturbing the optimum functionality of MS outlook, you are able to get this done behind the scenes. The different options – split by size, date, email or folders – are the best personalized options you can get. This will definitely be one of our top recommendations.