A Complete Guide On How To Report A Drunk Driver

Any human is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle whenever he is under the influence of alcohol or any psychedelics. Driving under the influence (DUI) is not only a misbehavior but a punishable crime in most geographical areas. Let’s talk about Georgia, for instance. The country functions under a group of Cobb County DUI attorneys who own the power to make decisions in case of drunk roading. Depending upon the seriousness of the situation and the driver’s record, they may either charge him with a sentence for a few months or suspend his driving license or even ask him to pay the penalty. Therefore, a Cobb County DUI lawyer is the primary source of contact if something around the road feels wrong.


Not only is drunk driving an activity against the law, but also it is an act of irresponsible behavior. Such action is problematic not only for his own life but for the person traveling along his side as well.

Drinking and driving is a super bad combination when it comes to public safety.

Erratic driving is dangerous for a single person who comes in the way of the driver, and such an instance needs to be immediately addressed.

It is significant that we, as pedestrians and travelers, stay aware of any irregular activity around us. In addition to this, if you suspect a person is driving under intoxication, it is your moral duty to report him to 911. The police are the most reliable source to take the required action is such a scenario where law and order are disrespected.

The authorities are the most efficient source to locate the car and the person behind the wheel and stop him before an accident might occur.


Driving under the influence of alcohol may be considered a criminal act, and hence, it needs to be reported to a DUI attorney Marietta at the earliest.

But before reporting a scene, it is advised to make sure that the driver is intoxicated. We have compiled a list of frequently observed patterns that make spotting a drunk driver easy.

If you happen to notice one or more of these unexpected road activities around you, contact the DUI lawyer Cobb County GA before the situation becomes irreversible!

1. Unexplainable slowing- Alcohol has different effects on different people. While it may double up a person’s energy, it can also drain it out. Hence, if a person slows down below the speed limit, there is a possibility of alcohol consumption.

2. Straddling lanes or driving on the wrong side- When under the influence, you lose the power to make the right road decisions. Hence, straddling lanes is something which is commonly observed in the case of drunk driving

3. Abrupt turns and speeding up- Sudden Acceleration can be another indicator of driving under the influence

4. Jumping the lights- Not abiding by road rules is commonly observed when the driver tends to be intoxicated.

The best thing to do in case you wish to report a drunk driver, which you must, is:

A. If you are sure the driver is intoxicated- Immediately call 911 and let the authorities handle.

B. In case you are not sure if the driver is impaired with alcohol- Report the situation via the non-emergency number.

One must make sure he has provided the necessary details, which makes it easier for the authorities to locate the vehicle. Mentioning the description of the car, the number plate of the vehicle’s license plate, the current location of the car makes the process less hassle-free.


Prevention is better than cure and therefore, make sure you take necessary precautions when out on the road. Suspecting an irregular driving activity calls for a two-step approach. First, make sure you are in a safe space. A person who is under the influence might lose control of his vehicle any moment and thus, create a haphazard for everyone on the road. Remain a safe distance away from him. The next step is to protect others. To do this, one must inform the cobb county and help them identify the vehicle. The color, the make, the model, along with a description of the driver, can prove to be handy. If you spot someone drunk driving when you are not doing the same, try clicking a picture of the car for reference. However, if you are driving as well, be alert and note all the details you could.

Last but not least, we all are sensible and responsible for our actions. Keeping our roads safe is something that can not be taken care of by a single person. We all need to do our bit to keep everyone around us secure and healthy.