A Complete Guide for Novice Travellers to Book Safe Off-Airport Parking Deals

Airport parking is quite expensive and not everyone can or is willing to afford it. But when it is travelling season the prices are increased even further making it impossible for people to even consider official airport parking for let’s say 2 weeks time because during holidays or vacation rush the airports can charge up to £100 per days. This puts people in a bind with no option but to park their cars at the airport and pay high tariff for it. A lot of people in this situation are those who do not travel often and are unaware of other parking options. These novice travellers do not know how to find a cheaper option for parking at all.

Another reason for people ending up in this messy parking situation is that they think about parking after they have arrived at the airport on the day they are supposed to fly out. At this point, it is already too late in the game and they have no choice but to pay the extortionate airport parking fee. But there too, they have to get in a line first to enter the long term meet and greet at Heathrow parking plaza and then circle around to find a vacancy after which they are to lug their bags back to the terminal. Honestly, it is enough to put anyone off of the charm of travelling by air.

But before you panic, consider official parking alternates which do exit to give you relief from this problematic endeavour. The alternates consist of offsite parking services for which you get 3 choices.

  • Meet and Greet
  • Valet
  • Park and Ride

These services are remarkably helpful and assist travellers in all their parking requirements and are miles cheaper as compared to official parking fare. Also if you choose the right option, you may not even have to park at all. It will be done for you by professionals. So, all you have to do is to book these reliable long term airport parking Heathrow deals in advance and guarantee for yourself a dedicated spot awaiting your arrival on your travel day.

How Off-Site Parking Services Operate

You have to reserve these services by booking for them online but before that you have to choose a parking type that can serve you best. Here are the facilities offered by each parking type which will help you decide on a service with most to offer you. But keep in mind that any of them will cost you much less than official fare.

Meet and Greet Heathrow Parking

  • On terminal and collection of the vehicle
  • Professionally trained and reliable drivers
  • Timely provision of services
  • Safe off-site parking compounds

Valet Parking

Valet parking offers the same facilities as meet and greet with the additional two benefits of

  • Valet assistance for parking
  • Car wash package included with parking fare

Heathrow Park and Ride

  • Cheaper than all on or off-site parking option
  • Self-parking with no driver involvement
  • Secure compound with restricted access
  • No waiting for vehicle collection or drop off
  • Proper guidance for direction to the compound
  • Quick shuttle transfer to the terminal after parking

These services will surely make parking a hassle-free and quite affordable feature for you. But while booking, you need to ensure a few precautionary measures to get the benefits you are expecting from pre-booked cheap Heathrow airport parking amenities.

Precautionary Tips to Book Safe Off-Site Airport Parking Deals

It is imperative that you find and book a trusted deal to have your experience of their services reflect the quality of your right choice. Here is a step by step guide to make certain that your parking goes without a hitch and you avail utmost convenience that pre-booked airport parking has to offer.

Booking Website for Airport Parking

  • Book through a comparison platform to eliminate vendors with questionable services and unfair prices
  • Make sure you understand that your parking will be provisioned by independent vendors but your booking will be made through comparison which essentially acts as a facilitative safeguard against scams
  • It will give you choices and guarantee that all the deals are verified for services and prices
  • To validate a good site choose one with a physical trading address and a landline number to contact instead of a mobile one
  • It helps if they also have customer support services and a live chat feature to get in touch with them anytime you need

Choosing Airport Parking Deals

When you compare Heathrow airport cheap parking deals you get multiple offers from different vendors with varying quotes. Now it’s on you to find a deal that is not just in your budget but also carries the right amenities. Here is what your perfect deal choice should include besides the price tag being within your budget to help you make your decision:

  • Clear description of services to be provided
  • Details on how the parking will be conducted
  • Idea about the distance of off-site lot from the airport
  • Services rating and T&C of comparison and parking provider
  • Briefing on compound safety features to substantiate vehicle security

Once you have all this info available, you can easily select a deal for yourself but if there are some facilities that you want in your package but are not included in the cheapest available option you may have to move to a bit higher price range to accommodate the luxury you are looking for. But do keep in mind it will still be a lot cheaper than on-site parking.