A Clinical Study on how to get fake reviews on Google

Google fake reviews are buzzword now in the reviews industry. Usually, it indicates feedback of customers who reviewed on various places. However, in reality, they have not experienced the products or services. By using VPNs and a multitude of email addresses people, tend to write fake reviews now. 

Surprisingly enough, business owners tend to hire people from different market place to write fake reviews. Interestingly you will get many people who are experts in doing this. 

Are you searching to get fake reviews? If your answer is yes, please stay with us. 

Use a VPN while creating fake business reviews. On the other hand, counterfeit reviews are illegal. Google can ban a business page. Still, there is an easy tip for you.

How to make fake Google reviews

  • Use the HideMyAss VPN to create fake I.P. addresses. We recommend you to use a good VPN 
  • Get I.P. that you get from your VPN in the same city for the business 
  • It would help if you had tons of email accounts. Without having plenty of email address, you cannot create Fake reviews
  • Save all the email addresses and passwords in excel files so that you use them when necessary 
  • Search,,, etc. for submitting fake reviews. 
  • You may hire freelancers from various platforms like,, and up work a well.

There are many ways to create fake reviews for promoting your business. Moreover, there must have been a risk factor. If you get cheap service from here and there, you might be caught red-handed.

Therefore, it is better to take professional consultancy from the most expert service provider. For your business, reputation management, and reviews, might be a helpful service provider. 

Learn How to spot fake reviews on different platforms 

There are some simple ways to find out the fake reviews. We will discuss it now to clear all confusion.  

1. Check the name in the Customer database. 

If it does not match up, then there is a chance of fake reviews. No worries, it might happen, it could be gift item like Dad paid while mom ordered. Remember, if consideration is negative, search the order id, customer name, and identify as non-customer.  

2. Impersonal Avatar

Generally, Fake reviewers seem to found a new photo without giving away their identity. A person without having an authentic appearance is always suspicious.   

3. Common comments

Paid service providers or persons use some common word repeatedly. You might see the copy and paste the content as well. In this case, ask them in detail about products or services. Reply to their answer; promote them if you find something useful.

4. Track location of suspicious reviews

Look at every reviewer’s profile to see the list of all the places they have reviewed. It shows on a map. Search them and see if they have any records on purchasing from you.

5. Review timeline

Writing reviews has become a profession. Someone may right lots reviews, and unconsciously they might be posting it. Therefore, contact them and see if there is any record in the customer portal. 

6. False information

Without knowing properly about the product or service, none can write reviews. They become less confident to write confusing and misleading reports. Product features, pons, and cons could be misled by false information. Reply to the review writer respectfully. Ask them to get a more specific answer from them. 

Review Study: Fake 5 star google reviews

There so many reasons you need to buy reviews. Most importantly, you might have useful client lists. Nevertheless, the sad reality is they do not have a minute to spend on you. Study shows that good reviews create a sales funnel. However, we highly suggest purchasing reviews from a reliable service provider. 

See some quality-

  • Authentic and permanent reviews for maps page and places. 
  • Fill-up guarantee in case of a drop of reviews.
  • A mixture of male and female review and profile rations.
  • Follow all the rules as per Google Guide 
  • Quality of review they make 
  • How sensible and depth review is. 

If you see any service, providers follow the things mentioned above, go through it. Your business will give you a return on investment. Do not buy reviews from unauthorized service providers. They will do enough harm to your business. 


The moral of the story is you need to understand all sorts of reviews. Fake reviews and real reviews both require in modern-day. So, know how to have fake reviews on Google. At the same time, you must make sure you are doing it legally. Bear in Mind, and many smart customers can spot fake reviews. Consequently, be careful for them. Do not be rush to get reviews. Please read the reviews analyze them too. Best of luck.