A Career in Philanthropy – Art of Giving & Receiving

Wealthy individuals who desire to improve human welfare establish private initiatives to promote their philanthropic efforts. Many successful entrepreneurs throughout the world are doing something to make a difference. They are involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by volunteering philanthropic practices. Moez Kassam is a successful entrepreneur, and he’s involved in numerous charities.

Now, you can make a promising career out of philanthropy initiatives. You can also make it a second career being an entrepreneur.  But what are the responsibilities as a volunteer in this career? Well, you can do the following jobs in the name of the art of giving & receiving.

  • Managing a foundation
  • Managing awards on donor relationships
  • Fundraising
  • Working directly for a philanthropist, NGO, or fundraising consultancy offering charitable services.
  • The managing director or CEO in philanthropy organizations 
  • Managing departments for donor services, grant writing services, fundraising, and gift acquisition.
  • Volunteer coordination, advocacy, and outreach programs.

Many passionate entrepreneurs developed their interest in this career after they’d retired from their primary occupation. They have been fulfilling their family’s desires and making their dreams come true. But now, they wish to be remembered for something extraordinary besides their financial success. Only a few people can create their legacies by contributing to their future generations. Such as Moez Kassam, who had made a significant donation that enabled many families to settle in Toronto.

You can get inspiration from such people and keep your good works going. Make your innovative values, and fruitful ideas live on. But how can you leave your mark? 

Benefits of Making a Career in Philanthropy 

If you have time and resources, don’t hesitate to make philanthropy a meaningful career. You don’t need your checkbooks to make productive ideas for societies at large. Instead, your talents, skills, networks, experiences, communication, and personality are ultimate factors. 

Expand Your Network

Remember that philanthropy isn’t just an art of giving back to society; it is also a way to open new doors for you. It will help you introduce to new people and grow your partnerships. You will find a meaningful outlet for donation. Maybe, you get an opportunity to meet and work with those whose writings you’d read for years. 

Developing New Perspectives

When you become a philanthropist activist, you get exposure to a new community. It will give you a new perspective of living life by interacting with those who you never thought of meeting otherwise. 

Strengthen Your Connections with the Community

Many volunteers give feedback on their personal feelings and soothing experience. As you help fundraisers and social service agencies, you become more benevolent. Sometimes, giving your wealth away is far more achieving than generating it. You feel more accomplish as you give back to society and keep up the legacy. Ultimately, it deepens your connections with humanity, and you learn that giving leads to receiving. 


Philanthropic Relationship Management is becoming a well-known profession, building worthwhile partnerships. It is a career where you can sense a positive impact by using powerful relationship skills. You will become a great listener, a supportive colleague, and creative enough to make new things happen. You will be resilient, self-confident, interested in people and the world around you. Most importantly, you will be more enthusiastic about the potential of education and skills as a force for a good cause. Undoubtedly, a challenging yet rewarding career.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.