Having a nine to five job may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The tiresome and monotonous routine of working on a computer and following the same pattern each day can exhausting. Some people want to live, explore, and travel when they work. If the prospect of working at a nine to five job always makes you plan vacations wistfully, then maybe that lifestyle is not for you. Instead, maybe focus on finding a career that allows you to travel. Many career paths will allow you to travel on work. Of course, the preparation of such career paths starts with a degree to enable you to pursue such a career.

Before you choose a degree, you have to consider your career and travel goals. Do you wish to pursue a career in some other country, or do you want a career that involves extensive traveling? The answer to this question determines which major can lead to your ideal career path.





Another field that allows you to travel on the job is journalism. Many journalists in superior positions have to travel around the world to cover stories for their organizations. These journalists are those who give you the breaking news. If working for an organization is not your cup of tea, you can choose to be a freelance journalist. That way, you will travel the world and cover stories of your choice. This degree allows you to work remotely and express your experience. What more does a traveler need?



A travel and tourism degree allows you to work in the relative sector. It consists of many different industries. The travel and tourism degree holders learn about products, operations, and the industry’s operational structures. The courses include the study of the relationship between consumers and service providers. Students learn about matters of sustainability in tourism and all the social responsibilities that affect the industry. So the skills students develop through this degree are leadership, communication, research, presentation, etc. A travel and tourism degree online allows you to find a full-time or part-time job in several positions. These positions can be Air cabin crew, Hotel manager, Tour manager, Tourism officer, Travel agency manager, etc.



Education is a hit among travel enthusiasts. This degree allows a person to find career opportunities as a teacher or instructor in different countries. You can find jobs at government or private positions in schools, colleges, and universities. A person working in this position can get many employee benefits, which can also include accommodation. So if you want to travel and learn about new cultures, languages, and meet new people, this major is suitable for you. While the salary may not be excellent, the free perks of working in this field accommodate the overhead expenses.



Aviation science degree involves aeronautics, environmental concerns, aircraft composition, crew management, aviation safety, etc. Passing your courses and 1,500 flight hours will then lead to the acquisition of a pilot’s license. It is one of the best degrees to get if you want a career that allows you to travel on the job. Pilots get to see the world. Though if you work for large airline companies, you will have to stick to the same route. But if you become a private pilot, you can choose your employers, paths and fly wherever you deem fit.



Another field that leads to travel on the job is anthropology. Anthropologists study people and everything associated with them; they study people from the past and the present. Anthropology includes fields like linguistics, sociocultural, and biological anthropology. So, a professional in this field learn about each factor that affects humans and their behavior. With this profession, you will get plenty of opportunities to travel the world and interact with people. Specializations in this field related to a particular geographical location can lead to permanent relocation or frequent visits. You can also work as a freelancer and write researches as a freelancing journalist.



We looked at all the majors that allow multiple careers, including world travel. Now, let us look at some specific career paths that are popular among travel lovers.



If there is anything that a travel enthusiast loves second to traveling, it is to meet people and other tourists. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, almost 1.4 billion people travel across the world. Being an international tour guide allows you to guide other tourists through cities and places. Every travel destination needs a knowledgeable guide. So if you aim to travel the world, this career choice is perfect for you.



ESL (English as a second language) teachers are in high demand worldwide as English is an international communication language. So you get to teach students of a different country, language, and culture in the English language. Your degree in education can help you in this regard. Pair it with ESL training; you can acquire a license to get a job anywhere in the world.



One of the most obvious yet most accessible jobs that lead to a career in traveling is to become a flight attendant. You don’t need any particular degree to join this profession. If you have any customer service experience along with a certificate from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), you can get the job. The job can be challenging, but you will travel to many countries and cities worldwide.



If you are passionate about traveling and helping people simultaneously, this job is suitable for you. You can work for an organization focused on helping people. You will get to travel to developing countries, experience diverse cultures, and help people at the same time. You will need experience or a degree in health, agriculture, project management, or social work experience for this job.



Traveling the world is best done in youth when one is energetic, and the spirit is high. So if you are truly passionate about traveling, you should choose a degree that leads to a career path that includes traveling. With such degrees and careers, you can travel around the world, meet new people, experience diversity, and earn at the same time. Career satisfaction is said to be at its peak when the career involves something that the person is passionate about, so why not traveling. The key is to decide beforehand and then map out your educational and career path according to your chosen lifestyle.