A Brief on Arturo Fuente 858 Sungrown

Arturo Fuente is a company who is known for years for producing rare and unique cigars. In all these years, customers have appreciated and really loved their cigars because of their consistent quality. They proved their consistency when they launched Arturo Fuente 858 Sungrown, a variant of their popular 858 product line. It got famous among the customers because of its top-class quality. 

This cigar was considered the best in that particular market segment; hence it witnessed an excellent demand after the launch. The first incarnation was produced and released in 2002, and it consisted of 87 boxes of 50. This slot was distributed among 29 retailers nationwide who were the winners of a contest that the cigar company arranged. The second slot was launched in the market after seven years in 2009. This time the boxes are smaller with 20 count boxes. 

Before knowing about this famous cigar brand, first, we will discuss a bit about cigars.

What is a Cigar?

A cigar is considered to be a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves meant for smoking. Cigars are produced in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. From the last century, cigars are manufactured with three distinct components: the filler, the binder leaf, which is used for holding the filler, and at last, a wrapper leaf, which is usually of the best quality. Every cigar consists of a band that generally consists of the cigar manufacturer’s logo, but modern cigars are currently coming with two bands. 

There are a number of companies that are manufacturing cigars. The cigar has a good demand in the market, so there is no way that cigar companies face difficulties in selling their products. One of the best Companies in this sector is Arturo Fuente. The most famous product of this company was the 858 sungrown. Let’s delve into this cigar renowned for many reasons.

The Look

The Fuente 858 sungrown has a unique design with a cedar sleeve and black ribbon, so it is easily recognizable. The cigar’s cello is marked with a gold foil “Flor Fina 8-5-8.” The cigar also features the classic Fuente band, which you might have seen in other cigars of this brand. 

The appearance of a sungrown wrapper looks just like a light brindle and some veins. One of the disadvantages of these cigars is the visible pectin on the wrapper, which acts as an issue in Fuente cigars. When you hold the cigars in hand, you will notice that they are very lightweight and don’t have any soft spots. The cigar has a slightly under-filled foot.

The Notes

The 858 sungrown’s cold draw can give some earthy notes and a little amount of maple syrup over some cinnamon. The foot of the cigar can offer the user a non-defined sweetness with a slight hint of cinnamon in it. The first third of 858 sungrown has a taste of sweetness over a cedar base. In the background of cinnamon and nutmeg, you can taste some faint spices. At this point, you will also experience a pleasant cedar-type aroma, which will make you satisfied with the cigar.

In the second third of 858 sungrown, the cinnamon notes are the ones who become the focal point, and there enters the fray, the sweetness of maple syrup. The cedar is then considered more like an afterthought because of its presence in the aroma. The cigar is considered to be a bit nutty through the nose on the retrohale.

The last third of the cigar is the part where the spices’ complexity somehow loses their charm. It happens because the cigar gets involved in developing some more nuttiness with a long cedar finish, which becomes perfect for complementing the aroma that was maintained from the beginning. It is the aroma that makes Arturo Fuente 858 Sungrown one of the best in the market.

The Burn

The 858 sungrown cigar generally burns fast, but it clocks over an hour of smoke. The draw is a tad loose, but it manages to burn even and thru. The ash of the cigar gets hold off for an inch at a time. The ash is totally light in color with absolutely no signs of flake.


As discussed in the article, Arturo Fuente 858 Sungrown is considered one of the best cigars of all time. But unfortunately, it was available in a limited quantity. So everyone did not get the chance to use it and know its superiority over the cigars of other companies.

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