A Brief History of Vehicle Emissions Repairs and Testing

From the 1950s until the present time, vehicle emissions control and testing became a serious issue. There are numerous states and local governments that have conducted different studies concerning air pollution and found that car and auto emissions contributed a significant amount to this environmental problem. 

PCV Systems

There had been efforts to control the pollution created by cars and vehicles before emissions testing became a big issue. There was the PCV system or the positive crankcase ventilation system which is specially designed to draw crankcase fumes in unburned hydrocarbons that are a precursor to smog. It draws the fumes into the engine’s intake tract and they will be burned instead of getting released unburned into the air. The positive crankcase ventilation system was installed on new 1961 cars sold in California. New York also made it law as California did by the following year. The PCV system became a standard part of all vehicles worldwide by 1964.

Pipe Emission Standarads

Then came the first legislated exhaust pipe emission standards brought out by the State of California for the 1966 cars sold in the area. The whole of the United States followed suit with the law for the model year 1968. Year after year, the standards were further improved and tightened, and more and more states are writing vehicle emissions testing and repair into their laws.

Advancement In Engine Designs

The improvement and tightening of the emissions standards led to efficiency issues with the vehicle’s end engines. In response to this, advancements were also made regarding engine efficiency and vehicle technology. The improvements included changes in engine design, more precision in engine ignition and fuel metering, and also computerized engine management. The advancements also led to a reduction in the toxicity of exhaust breathed out of the engine, although generally, it is still not enough to meet vehicle emissions standards.

Role Of Catalytic Converters

The presence of catalytic converters also became significant in vehicle emissions. The catalytic converter is a device which is placed in the exhaust pipe and it is used to convert hydrocarbons and other toxic gases into less harmful elements. It uses a combination of platinum, palladium, and rhodium in this process.

Importance Of Vehicle Emissions Testing

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