A Brief guide for adult coloring

Does adult coloring fascinate you? Want to give it a start? Perhaps you recall doing it as a kid and enjoying the moment, or you are just seeking a bit of stress relief. Well, colors impact our minds in many ways, so the decision to buy a coloring book and encourage your imagination to fly is always an appreciable initiative.

Start with free coloring pages

As you indulge, you will notice that it is quite easy to find free coloring pages. You will encounter a multitude of options online, clicking through on different posts, and find your favorites. You can print the pages, and start coloring immediately.

Gradually move on to the coloring books

Do not stick with the free pages only. If you want to explore, move into an Adult colouring book expert or any other options. Coloring books including e-books and printed books will help you enhance your coloring skills. It is not possible to try all the coloring books under the sun, but at least you can search for some of the best ones, and try your hands on them.


Crayons offer boldness, providing you with a smooth and polished waxy feel on the pages. You are affordable in the first place, and easy to apply. Everyone love crayons since their childhood. Having a set of crayons in your arsenal to color the large areas would be a good idea, as you don’t need to use your precious markers.


You can easily grip the markers due to their triangular shape. They offer bright vibrant colors in different shades. You can start with a basic marker and get excellent quality for the cost. Do not use markers on thin pages, as they may bleed.

Copic markers

These alcohol-based markers are used for scrapbooking and art. They come in a wide range of colors and can be easily applied on the page. It allows you to use colored pencils under or on top of them. If you can afford them, Copic markers are perfect for coloring and accompanying with pencils.

Start to color

It is better to start by simply blocking the design. Choose any coloring tool you have in your stock, be it crayons or pens, and do simple color between the lines. If you don’t have the practice, you may go beyond the lines at first. You can consider trying on a free coloring page, and when you feel the confident move to the books.

Pick a color palette

Picking color palettes can be difficult, even professionals spend hours. Invest your time in doing straightforward coloring, and gradually you will be capable of moving on in your journey of adult coloring. The internet can be a great tool to explore more options.


As we all know ‘practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you will get.  Pressing too hard is not a good idea; you may break the tip of your crayon or pencil. If you are using ink, make sure you test it on a separate piece of paper. Stay relaxed and have fun.