A Breakdown of Progressive’s Insurance Offerings

Insurance is an ongoing expense. Although you may hope you never need to use the policies you pay for, having insurance protects you against unexpected repair or replacements costs. With an appropriate insurance policy in place, you’ll pay a deductible fee when disaster strikes, and your insurance company will cover the balance of the costs.

In 2018, 130 million people went to emergency rooms for medical treatment. Having health insurance protects you from incurring unexpected medical costs if you’re injured in an accident or become ill. While health, auto, and life insurance are some of the most common types of insurance policies people acquire, there are multiple other types of insurance. Let’s look at where you can learn about Progressive’s policies and what’s covered by some Progressive policies.

Where can you learn about Progressive’s insurance policies?


Progressive began offering insurance in 1937. Progressive serves millions of policyholders, some of whom have multiple policies.

Learning about insurance companies can help you make sound decisions when signing up for coverage. What type of insurance does Progressive offer? You can use an insurance quote comparison tool to learn about Progressive’s auto insurance, homeowners insurance, rental insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, motorcycle insurance, and life insurance policies.

Start by selecting the type of insurance you’re looking for and entering your ZIP code. The tool asks pertinent questions to determine which coverage plans meet your needs. For example, if you’re looking for car insurance, the tool asks how old your vehicle is and prompts you to verify the make and model. You’ll also indicate how many miles you typically drive per year and the level of coverage required. Once you answer questions about your driving record, the tool produces a quote from Progressive outlining the policy terms.

What types of insurance plans does Progressive offer?


Progressive offers insurance for various vehicles, including cars, boats, motorcycles, golf carts, recreational vehicles, and segways. Typical car insurance policies include collision coverage and personal liability coverage. Vehicle owners should have a policy covering the cost of repairing or replacing their vehicle if they’re in an accident or if their vehicle’s vandalized or stolen. Liability coverage covers the legal costs if a vehicle owner’s sued for causing an accident.

Homeowners insurance covers the costs of fixing or replacing your primary residence and belongings. It may also cover other buildings on your property, such as a detached garage. Homeowners insurance includes liability coverage if someone’s injured on your property and files a lawsuit.

Condo owners may need condo insurance to cover repair costs not included by their homeowners’ association (HOA). Condo and homeowners may also need flood insurance. Flood coverage pays for the repair and replacement costs stemming from flood damage.

Health and dental plans cover medical expenses. Health insurance policies may cover the cost of prescription medications, medical appointments, and medical devices. Dental insurance covers dental checkups, root canals, fillings, and some dental surgeries.

Pet owners may take advantage of pet insurance to reduce the cost of veterinary care. Pet owners can opt for accident coverage or accident and illness coverage. Accident coverage covers emergency care costs if your pet’s injured in an accident. Accident and illness coverage also pays for veterinary care if your pet becomes ill. Progressive pet policies don’t cover routine vet visits.

Life insurance pays a death benefit to your beneficiaries after you die. Maintaining a life insurance policy protects your spouse and dependents from financial hardships. Your beneficiaries won’t have to pay taxes on the death benefit and can use the funds to pay for your final expenses.

Progressive also offers electronic devices, ID theft, mechanical repair, travel, and wedding and event insurance. Reviewing all policy options can help you identify the insurance coverage you need. You may also reduce your costs by bundling insurance policies together.

Progressive offers several insurance coverage plans. You can use a quote comparison tool to learn more about Progressive’s policies.