A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Setup for Instant Success

What job lets you make money from home (or anywhere), all while gaining recognition online?

Being a YouTuber!¬†It’s no wonder that children today are three times more likely to want to become a YouTube star than an astronaut.¬†

However, if you’re getting started on YouTube, it can be difficult to know what sort of¬†setup you need to be successful. Can you use your phone as a camera? What sort of lights should you get, if any?¬†

Keep reading to learn about the different parts of a YouTube setup for beginners that’ll set you up for success.¬†

A Quality Camera

The first thing you need to figure out when working on your YouTube setup is what sort of¬†camera you’ll be using.¬†

Although many people want to splurge on expensive cameras, you won’t need to worry about having amazing HD quality until later on. Today, most webcams shoot in at least 720p, which is good enough for when you first get started.¬†

If you have a smartphone, odds are that it has a powerful camera as well. Depending on what sort of videos you plan on making, your phone’s camera can be another great option to use. You’ll also be familiar with it and its features, as opposed to on a fancy camera you haven’t used before.

As you become more popular on YouTube, you can think about upgrading to a more powerful and professional camera. DSLRs and other types of cameras can be great choices, but the price may be a turnoff to some people. Start with a simple camera, then upgrade at a later point if necessary. 

An External Microphone 

Many people prioritize cameras above everything else. Although having the right camera is an important part of a beginner setup for YouTube, audio is also important. To give your viewers clear and crisp audio, look into getting an external microphone.

Many expensive cameras take amazing photos but suffer when it comes to recording audio. This can create an awkward feeling for your videos, where the picture looks clear and beautiful, but the sound appears distant or muffled.

The type of microphone you should get depends on the type of videos you’ll make. If you’re adding audio ontop of videos, a traditional tabletop microphone could be a great option. Otherwise, you can look for microphones that you can connect to¬†your camera.¬†

Many headphones also come with built-in microphones. This makes them a great and cheap option to provide clear audio to your viewers when you’re getting started on YouTube.¬†

A Tripod or Camera Stand

Regardless of what sort of videos you plan on making, maintaining¬†a steady shot is crucial. One of the telltale signs of amateur filmmaking is a shaky camera. To avoid amateurism, you’ll need a tripod.

Today, most tripods allow you to attach a variety of different cameras, as well as your smartphone. Check the specifications of a tripod before purchasing one to ensure that it will work with the camera you have.

Aside from helping you maintain steady shots, tripods also help you to take advantage of different camera heights and angles. Put it at eye-level when talking to the camera, and get creative when making music videos or artsy projects.

If a tripod isn’t in your budget, there are different DIY camera stands you can make. Putting your camera on a stack of books may be enough to get the job done when you’re first getting started. However, at some point, make sure to upgrade to a real tripod.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is another area that many new content creators seem to ignore. However, as is the case with clear audio and steady shots, good lighting differentiates professional YouTubers from the masses.

When you have enough light, colors appear more vibrant and even. Any shadows will be less harsh, which makes things easier to see, and also helps to make you look better.

If you have a window that lets in a lot of light in your house, filming in front of it should be enough when you first get started. Try to set up your camera so that the light shines across your face in an even manner, to prevent shadows.

As you become more popular and skilled at making videos, you can then look into getting professional video lighting kits. These will give you a studio-level glow. 

Video Editing Software 

The final piece of the YouTube setup puzzle is a software program that’ll allow you to edit the videos you record. You’ll be able to choose from free programs to ones that cost hundreds of dollars.

If you have a Mac, you have access to iMovie. Although it’s free to use for Apple users, iMovie comes with a number of powerful features that can help you craft professional videos. You can mix and match clips, add audio, throw in special effects, and do many other things.¬†

As you become more proficient with editing techniques, you can advance to some other programs. Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are two editing software programs that industry professionals use. 

Get the Best YouTube Setup for Beginners and Watch Your Channel Grow

When you first get started making videos, it can be difficult to grow your subscriber base and become popular. Yet with the right YouTube setup for beginners and some hard work, you can be certain that your channel will grow over time.

Are you ready to jump out there and use your beginner setup for YouTube to grow your channel and attract new subscribers? Before you go, take a moment to check out some of our other blog posts for more guides and tips.