A Beginner’s Guide to Recycling Old Electronics

When it comes, to electronics always seems to go outdated almost the instant the newest model comes out and replaced with something better. When that happens, many of these devices become too old and are then thrown away like garbage.

This ends up making up a huge part of America’s landfill, and so much technology that we saw in display becomes mulch and buried in the Earth. The question remains, but, what do we do with old technology after its use?

Well, there are options of what you can do, and recycling old electronics is always the best alternative. Let’s take a look at how it can benefit not the environment, but also everyone in it.

Why Should We Recycle Old Tech?

There is a purpose and a good reason why electronics recycling is important. Even though there are the worst hazardous materials that could be harmful, electronics have enough to be toxic.

Aside from the plastic and glass in cell phones, computer monitors, and CRT televisions, many electronics contain some very hazardous chemicals, like lead or mercury. Metals like mercury are harmful to human lungs alone.

If they are obsolete and not broken, they could still be salvaged for parts or at the very least be refurbished for other use. Microchips and certain parts from obsolete tech can still be used as replacement parts or could be used to build custom computers.

Recycling obsolete electronics will cut down the waste and makes the ozone layer cleaner.

How Do You Recycle Electronics?

After you made sure that your data is gone from your phones and computers, there are a few ways to dispose of obsolete electronic components.

  • Take them to a local e-cycling center in your state
  • Look for donation bins at electronic stores (i.e. Best Buy, Apple)
  • Find a household hazardous waste collection center
  • Look for trade-in offers by retailers like Amazon and Office Depot

If you’re unsure of where to find these places or if there are other options for donating old electronics, contact the local landfill company for help.

Of course, other electronics could be donated, recycled, or repurposed other than cell phones and computers. Batteries and chargers hardware stores or cell phone companies.

Start Recycling Old Electronics

Instead of filling the land with hazardous materials from computer monitors, drained batteries, and electric cables, they should have better uses.
Recycling old electronics is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. Many people still use some old tech for educational purposes and need parts and materials no longer in production.

By taking the time to find a safe way of disposing of old electronics, our landfills will be that much smaller and our air that much cleaner. Be sure to talk to your local landfill and electronic stores to see if there are any options for you in what to do with old electronics.

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