A Beginner’s Guide to English Football League

English Football League is recognized as one of the most popular soccer leagues in the world. Also, it’s the top-tier soccer in English soccer. With that said, many famous soccer men like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kevin De Bruyne play in this league. Hence, you can easily get a hint at how competitive and exciting this sports league is. 

If you’re excited about learning about this football league, let’s dive into this article for an intensive guide.

The Popularity of the English Premier League

English Premier League is better known in its shorter term among the people, which is EPL. It’s not only the most popular football league in the world, but it’s also one of the most-watched sports leagues as well which justifies its popularity.

Being such a popular league, media broadcasters now telecast English Premier League matches over millions of homes around the world. EPL has a global audience of about 4.7 billion people since people from all walks of life enjoy the action of English football.

We believe that you’re well familiar with several English Premier teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. These teams are packed with star football players who together form a team with unique sets of skills. This is what makes these league games more interesting. Every game serves a lot of competition, along with suspense and lack of predictability which is enjoyed by the fans.

Structure of the Premier League

The Premier League is structured in a very fashionable manner. In each season, each team plays again each other twice, where they play one match at home while the other is away. English Premier League is always scheduled from August to May, where each team plays 38 matches to fight their way to get on the top of the points table.

Although many European countries enjoy season breaks, English Premier League doesn’t follow the same routine. They don’t have any mid-season breaks, and they only get a vacation when there are any FIFA-mandated schedules. This is when EPL players play for their respective countries internationally, or in European championships.

In terms of points earning, the procedure is very straightforward. When a team wins, they earn 3 points. If they draw the match, they only get one point, and, of course, there is no point for the defeated team. The team that has earned the most league points during the season earns the winner title. On the other hand, the bottom three teams are relegated to the second tier of English soccer, the Championship.

Qualifications to European Football

During each season, the top four teams in EPL qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Although the fourth qualified team requires playing a playoff match to secure a position in the group stage matches, the rest are directly qualified into the group stage. 

UEFA Champions League is a highly competitive match that only features the best football clubs from Europe. This league usually takes place from September where each team plays against each other and the best two teams get to play the finals in May.

The teams that secure the fifth, sixth, and seventh gets straight qualification for the UEFA Europa League. Certain other things need that apply here. There are other domestic leagues like the League Cup and the FA CUP.

As we previously stated about the qualification for the UEFA Europa League, these qualification depends upon the winners and runners-up of these leagues. If any team from the FA Cup qualifies for the biggest club championship, then their position will be handed over to the seventh team in the EPL point table.

There is another way through which you can enter the UEFA Europa League, and that is none other than through fair play. Of course, UEFA is really strict about maintaining fair play. Depending on the yellow or red cards issued to each team and the overall conduct of the spectators, the best-classified team in the Premier League fair play standings will be part of the UEFA Europa League.

Betting on the Premier League

Here, we’ll be giving you tips on betting on how to place bets on the EPL. If you’re going to make a bet for the first time, you must consider the odds and tips from the best betting sites. On the other hand, also make sure to place bets only with bookmakers that are licensed to ensure safety. Moreover, they have the best odds that increase the chances of winning.

Why is EPL So Popular?

EPL is one of the most hyped soccer leagues in the world. The war between the nine teams with the best players on their sides is a treat to watch for every football fanatic. And football itself is a game full of suspense as you never know what will happen at the very last minute. With that being said, it also makes very crucial changes within the points table. As a result, it’s very enthralling to watch every live football game to see who makes it to the top four. 

Overall, you might not realize the craze for EPL from the outer perspective. But once you immerse yourself in it, you’ll quickly understand why. If you don’t want to miss further EPL matches, then these live streaming websites are here to accompany you- 



English Premier League has had an everlasting craze since then, and it’s blowing the mind of people now as well. With that said, we know that it’s rising within you too for which you have sought this article to pace forward with the insights of the league. If you have come this far, then wait no more and be a part of the EPL fanatic team! 


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