A Beginner’s Guide To Chartering A Yacht In The British Virgin Islands

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Yacht chartering is becoming increasingly popular. There are different reasons behind its growing popularity. 

One of them is that yacht chartering is now cheaper than ever. It’s accessible and can give you a sense of independence and freedom when travelling. 

It’s also a great opportunity to travel in more original ways and to discover parts of the world without flocks of tourists around. It’s adventurous, exciting and makes for an unforgettable experience

Another reason behind the popularity of yacht chartering is how customisable a yacht experience can be. You can select the size of your yacht, you can opt to have it crewed or not, you can select your travel route, your activities, and much more. 

This article will provide a few simple steps to guide you through your first yacht chartering experience. You will learn the best tips to follow for yacht chartering in the British Virgin Islands. 

Why the British Virgin Islands? 

There are several reasons why people charter yachts in the British Virgin Islands and why you should follow in their steps. 

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is considered a British overseas territory. This means that locals speak fluent English, which is very convenient for English-speaking foreigners. 

This will make it less difficult for you to communicate and socialize with the residents, and to understand the terms and agreements when chartering a yacht over there. 

The British Virgin Islands includes four main islands and over fifty small islands. This makes it an ideal territory to explore by boat. 

With your yacht, you can easily skip from one island to the next and explore smaller and less known areas. 

Another important aspect is that the British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is known for its beautiful warm, turquoise and transparent waters, along with its rich sea life and paradisiac beaches. 

There are also “easy deep-water hops” and “sheltered anchorages” available to those who go yacht chartering in the British Virgin Islands. 

There are plenty of activities available to those who visit Caribbean islands. These include scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing, and more. 

Because of the range of activities available, going to the British Virgin Islands is a perfect destination for family groups, friend groups or a romantic trip. Every individual will find an activity to suit their needs and preferences. 

Now the question is: how do you charter a yacht in the British Virgin Islands? What do you need? 

How to charter a yacht in the British Virgin Islands 

The main island of the British Virgin Islands, known as Tortola, is famous for being the yacht charter capital of the Caribbean. Because of this, it is the best place to go to if you’re looking to charter a yacht. 

You might also get the option to pick between a yacht and a catamaran. A catamaran, unlike a yacht, has two hulls instead of one. 

It is usually faster and considered more stable than a yacht. However, it can also be more expensive to charter. 

For beginners, catamarans are considered easier to sail because of their stability. 

There are many Borrowaboat options available to you which allow you to pick between catamarans and yachts. 

But before looking at chartering a boat, it is important to know the different types of boat charters available. 

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1. The types of charters  

There are generally three types of boat charters available to individuals: 

  • bareboat charter
  • cabin charter 
  • crewed charter 

A bareboat charter is just the boat without crew members. With this type of charter, you’ll be responsible for the boat and in charge of navigating it. 

That means that any issues with the boat will be your responsibility, legally and financially. In order to opt for a bareboat charter, you’ll need a license and the necessary paperwork to prove that you can navigate a yacht or catamaran. 

Depending on the size and price of the boat, you might need to provide more documents. Bareboat charters are ideal for individuals looking for complete freedom, solitude and a more adventurous boat trip. 

With a cabin charter, you navigate the boat alongside an experienced and professional crew. You don’t get to select the crew members you travel with and are not fully responsible for the navigation of the yacht. 

A cabin charter is a great opportunity to meet new people and join a boat crew. You’ll learn a lot about navigating a yacht/catamaran and will get to work alongside others to navigate it.  

Finally, there’s the crewed charter. With the crewed charter, you pick the crew members who will then look after the boat and navigate it. 

This is the best option if you just want to relax on board without having to navigate the boat yourself. The crewed charter is the preferred option for many individuals, including famous celebrities. 

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2. The types of yachts 

After you’ve selected your preferred yacht charter type, you must select the type of yacht that you wish to charter. There are different yacht sizes and different features in each one. 

For example, depending on your taste and preferences, you might want to charter a yacht with a jacuzzi, a pool, a gym, a spa, a bar, a home cinema, or an office. This will depend on what you’re planning on doing during your trip and what you prefer. 

If your budget is more limited, you can opt for a smaller yacht, perfect for small and short excursions. 

In terms of sizes, yachts over 24 meters long are usually considered superyachts. The biggest superyacht in the world is called Azzam and measures 180 meters. 

When renting a boat, make sure it suits your needs and that you have the appropriate licenses or crew members to navigate it. The bigger the boat, the more experienced the crew members will have to be. 

Final thoughts 

These simple steps and tips will help you through your first yacht chartering experience. Navigating in the British Virgin Islands will be an unforgettable experience and we hope you enjoy it.