A Bedside Table for Every Style: A Guide to Designing the Perfect Look

Go For The Right Size

A bedside table or nightstand is an essential piece of furniture in your bedroom. You may need one to place essentials like a night lamp, water bottle, phone, alarm clock, etc. You must not miss out on this functional home decor for sure. This makes your bedroom decor complete. There are endless models and styles of Wakefit bedside tables. This makes it difficult to choose the right one. It must rightly complement other furniture in your bedroom. Look out for specific elements when designing a perfect bedside table. Here is a detailed guide to designing the perfect bedside table.

Decide on the bedside table size before starting to design your table. Look for the available space on both sides of your bed. This ensures sufficient clearance space between your furniture. Consider the height of your mattress when deciding on the height of your side table. Do not make it too high or too low. This makes it difficult to access things from the table. Make sure the table is at least 2 inches above your mattress. Double-check the dimensions before you start to design your bedside table.

Choose the width of your side table based on your storage requirements. A more expansive table would be appropriate if you have a lot of stuff to be placed on the night table. For a sleek look, go for a narrow side table. 

Make It Functional

Ensure that the bedside table designs are functional. This makes the table usable regardless of the design. Make sure that the design offers ample storage space. Provide drawers or hidden shelves on your side table to maximise storage. You can also opt for open shelves if you wish to display books on your bedside table. Go for soft close drawers, which come with a spring for smooth opening and closing of drawers. This avoids noise and causes less damage to your table.

Keep An Eye On Aesthetics

Aesthetics is a crucial element of a room. Check for aesthetics when you design your side table. It adds character and charm to your bedroom. Complement the design of your bedside table with other decors. Be careful when choosing the right pattern, colour, and style for the bedside table. This makes your bedroom livable and pleasing. Think about designing a theme-based bedside table to make your room look interesting. Use a large-sized lamp when you opt for a small bedside table. This gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Choose The Right Material

Add interest to your bedroom with the right choice of material for the bedside tables. Wood is the popular material used for bedside tables. Wooden bedside tables suit almost any aesthetic in your bedroom. Go for Sheesham wood bedside tables for a contemporary look. Provide a traditional look with an oak or mahogany wood side table. You can also try teak, blonde and other types of wood. A metal bedside table is the right pick for modern homes. Engineered wood nightstands are quite popular now. This choice of materials gives a minimalistic look. Make your metal side table attractive with bright colours and bold handles. Try out a combination of a wood and metal bedside table.

Add Storage Features

Storage is the primary requirement of a bedside table. This piece of furniture comes in different sizes. Choose the size of the bedside table based on your storage requirements. Decide on the number of drawers for storage. List out the items you store on your bedside table. Go for shallow drawers or deep drawers based on your preferences. Think about installing closed shelves or open shelves. Install felt-lined drawers; these are perfect storage add-ons to store your valuables like watches, jewellery, and other accessories.

Symmetry Matters A Lot

Symmetry is an integral element of any furniture design. Your bedside table must bring out the overall symmetry of the room. Make your bedroom look pleasing and appealing by maintaining perfect symmetry. Create balance with two identical side tables on either side of your bed. Make your bedroom look cohesive. It is not a rule to place two similar bedside tables together. You can also go for two entirely different bedside tables. Place similar night lamps to maintain symmetry. Maintain the right proportions to achieve symmetry in your room.

Pick Your Favorite Style

Choose an appealing style for your bedside table. A traditional style bedside table looks warm. It brings out the memories of the past. For a traditional look, go for a carved wood design for your bedside table. Pick an antique-type bedside table for a natural look. A chest of drawers is a perfect traditional bedside table. A contemporary-style bedside table is ideal for modern homes. For a modern look, go for a minimalistic design. This gives a clean and chic appearance to your room. Make your bedroom look stylish with trendy bedside tables.

Use Matching Colours

Decide on the right colour shade for your bedside table. The colour you choose should match the overall colour scheme of your bedroom. Choose between vibrant, light, or neutral colours based on the tone of other interior decors. Your colour choice must not affect the overall look of your bedroom. Go for pleasing and warm colour tones for perfect aesthetics. A grey, white or brown colour bedside table offers a fresh look to your room. Use contrasting colour tones to provide a bold look. 

Pick The Right Bedside Table Essentials

Decorate your bedside table with the right accessories. Place memorable family photos, candles, etc., on the night table. This adds a personal touch to the decor. A glossy night lamp on your side table offers a rich look. Invest in a stylish alarm clock to make your nightstand functional. Make your bedroom calm with a sturdy flower vase on the night table. Use a tray to organise your stuff on the bedside table. Do not clutter the space with too much stuff on the table’s surface.

 Create a harmonious environment with the right design for your bedside table.

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