9 Ways to Surprise Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Love is an all-consuming feeling. It’s undoubtedly special to have someone you can call Home. The warm hugs, passionate kisses, affectionate cuddles…all of these add to the beauty of a bond. But when it comes to maintaining a long distance relationship, the excitement and love remains intact but there are certain things that you miss out on. In order to make your love story sweeter, there are some things you can do for your long distance partner.                                 

No matter what the occasion is, if you are looking for long distance gift ideas for your boyfriend, we are here to steer you in the right direction. Below are 9 things you can do that are sure to give him lasting memories of your love for him. Take the guide:

  • Enroll Him Into A Hobby Class

While you are not around, help him pass his time doing something productive. Know what he loves the most as a hobby and enroll him for such classes. It will be a great start and will also be a refreshing addition to his life to keep his mind engrossed.

  • LED Cushion

Add comfort to his life with comfy cushions. Better, LED cushions. You can choose nice graphics for the print and have it decked with LED lights to light up his time when you are miles away. It will not only be his go-to comfort pillow but also work as a great decor. 

  • Flowers

Flowers say when words fail. Surprise him with a bunch of his favorite flowers. While he is away, you can also go for a certain number of roses to signify your feelings more perfectly. While 10 roses mean “You are perfection”, 24 roses say “I’m yours.” 

  • Fitness Band

Caught in the hustle and bustle of life, your boyfriend must not be having enough time to look after his health and fitness regime. Gift him a fitness band and help him boost his daily workouts and set achievable goals while you are away. 

  • Long Distance Touch Lamp

Long distance touch lamps are Wi-Fi enabled lamps to help you express your love better. You can go for a set of two and whenever you touch your lamp, the one with your partner will light up. Indeed, a great use of technology to stay in touch!

  • Personalized Jewellery

Show your thoughtfulness for your partner by gifting him a personalized jewellery. You can give him a bracelet with his name engraved. You can also opt for the one engraved with the date of your anniversary to celebrate the milestone.

  • Surprise With A Cake

Considering you can’t land up on his door to give him a sweet surprise, try cake delivery to add a zing to his mundane day. You can opt for gifting portals providing online cake delivery in Patna, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or anywhere else your sweetheart resides and make the day pleasant for him with his favorite flavor.

  • Photo Magnet

A photo magnet or fridge magnet is a practical and sweet reminder of your love. It can be used to decide shopping lists and other arrangements. It can be customized with a photo of you two for a perfect present. 

  • Selfie Stick

Add up to your love story with as many pictures. Gift a selfie stick to your boyfriend and curb the distance so that he can send you awesome selfies. It will also be a great tool to capture amazing pictures when you both plan a getaway.

Celebrate your long distance relationship with unique tokens of love. With these ideas, he is sure to treasure not just your gifts but also your love for him.