9 Ways to Revamp Your Style

As summer melts into fall, many of us are feeling the need to update our wardrobes. Maybe the orange blouse you loved back in June is looking past its prime, or you’re just plain dissatisfied with your lackluster closet.

Don’t go on a shopping spree just yet. It could be that you don’t need new clothes so much as you need a wardrobe rethink. Read on to discover nine creative ways to revamp your style.

#1: Give Away Your “Maybe” Clothes

Do you have items of clothing that you basically never wear?

You’re not alone. According to Fashion United, most people only wear 40 to 60 percent of their wardrobe. That’s because it’s all too easy to buy clothes that you kind of, sort of like, just because they’re on sale or you’re in a shopping frenzy.

Revitalize your wardrobe by dumping your “maybe” clothes. You’ll suddenly have a closet full of pieces that you truly love.

#2: Go Boutique

Many people rely on big-box department stores to supply their entire wardrobe.

But isn’t that a bit bland?

Prove that you’re not a garden-variety type by searching for fashion that’s as unique as you are. Start by hitting up on wholesale clothing boutiques which offers customized services according to the demand as well. You might be amazed by the looks you find there!

#3: Get a Great Watch

If you’re old enough to vote, join the army, or rent a car, then you’re old enough for a quality timepiece. Flex your adult style by buying yourself a new classic wrist watch.

Sleek yet old-fashioned, a wrist watch helps you to make a big statement without saying a word.

#4: See a Tailor

Here’s the truth: tailors are like a low-tech version of Photoshop, using old-fashioned methods to make you look much better.

Even more excitingly, having your pants hemmed or your dresses taken in doesn’t cost as much as you may think. With the power of tailoring, you can make inexpensive pieces look much more costly than they actually are.

#5 Layer, Layer, Layer

Chilly weather doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing your spring and summer favorites. Breathe life into your shorts by pairing them with wool tights in the fall.

You can also:

  • Layer tube tops over sweaters
  • Throw a cardigan over your sundresses
  • Pair short skirts with heavy winter sweaters

#6 Ditch Clothes That Don’t Fit
No matter how cool a garment intrinsically is, a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit your body shape is not flattering.

It’s not a waste of money to donate clothes that don’t work for you. By doing so, you can help yourself and your community.

#7 Host a Clothes Swap
Clothes swaps are a 100% free way to say goodbye to clothes you don’t like and gain some clothes that suit you. They’re also a fun way to connect with friends.

Once you’ve decided to host a clothing swap, set a date and then rummage through your wardrobe. Don’t bring anything that’s stained or unattractive—after all, you’re not hoping that your friends bring their dowdiest clothes! Instead, select items that are nice but don’t work for you.

#8 Fix Flaws
Missing a button? Got a hot cappuccino stain on your best blazer?

Put on your favorite Netflix show, plop on the couch with some stain-remover and a mini sewing kit, and take care of those pesky wardrobe issues.

Not only will it make you feel incredibly accomplished, but you’ll also be able to put those beloved pieces back into your outfit rotation.

#9 Invest in Your Outerwear
What makes any outfit instantly more stylish? A great coat.

While it’s fine to pinch pennies on your t-shirts and socks, your coat should be a higher-quality item. Investing some money here now will save you money in the long run.

We recommend getting a trench or camel coat, as these timeless pieces will carry you through many seasons.

Style Doesn’t Have to Cost You Big

Even if you’re mostly connecting with others through Zoom these days, fashion is important wherever you are.

To prep for fall, revamp your style with these accessible tips:

  • Getting rid of clothes you don’t love
  • Buying new pieces from local vendors
  • Picking out a statement watch
  • Tailoring your existing garments
  • Layering
  • Giving away clothes that don’t fit
  • Swapping clothes with your fashionable friends
  • Sewing buttons back on and fixing stains
  • Choosing a timeless coat

With these small, achievable steps, your style will be turning heads in no time.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.