9 Ways to Invest in Yourself in 2020

With 2019 quickly fading from memory, you may be looking for new ways to invest in yourself this year. The majority of all New Year’s resolutions aren’t practical; in fact, most are often quickly abandoned within a few months into the new year. (Around February, to be more precise.)

Help yourself stay on top and make 2020 your year with these suggestions!

Meditate More Stress Less

Meditation is nothing new. In fact, some of the current practices have been around for thousands of years. Meditation is scientifically proven to help reduce stress, balance anxiety, restore emotional health, lengthen your attention span, improve breathing, and much more.

If you are unfamiliar with meditation techniques, there are plenty of sources available online. Some areas also offer meditative classes that can help you hone the intensity and benefits of your meditation. Or, you can try one of the many meditation apps for your phone. (Headspace is one of the more popular ones.)

Deep Stretching and Core Building with Yoga

Yoga is another way to invest in yourself in 2020. Yoga has a ton of benefits, including increased flexibility, better muscle strength, improves respiratory and energy levels, metabolism support weight loss and more.

Not only can this help you achieve specific health goals, it can also help you reduce anxiety and improve mental health as well.

Invest in Quality Sleep with an Organic Mattress

Your quality of sleep can make a huge difference in your day. If your mattress is hindering your sleep instead of helping it, it may be time to invest in a better one. There are dozens of sleep and breathing disorders that may make an non-toxic mattress the best investment for you.

Organic mattresses are manufactured to meet strict guidelines that govern both material usage and production methods. This limits the amount of toxic fumes you breathe in as you sleep on your mattress without sacrificing quality comfort. Also, consider sleeping on a hypoallergenic pillow too.

Stretch Before and After Bed

Even if you decide yoga is not for you, doing some light stretching before and after bed can help improve your sleep, ease tension from your muscles, and help wake you up. Stretches like neck circles, bear hugs, child’s pose, and reclining angle pose can help loosen your muscles as you prepare for sleep.

Similarly, a full body stretch, figure four, knees-to-chest and other similar stretches can help wake your muscles and prepare them for the day ahead.

Take a Break from Media

Plenty of us listen to or read news updates throughout the day. However, the media can be a heavy burden on us mentally. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends taking a break from the overwhelming negativity of the media for a few days to a week to help reduce the stress it can produce.

Not only can this help reduce stress and anxiety, it helps to provide time for you to get into other activities – such as yoga!

Turn Off Your Social Media on Weekends

Social media has become not just a habit, but a stressful requirement for many of us. If you feel that social media is taking over your life, it might be time to take a break from it. On weekends, get up and do something else. Whether it is taking time to meditate or try something new or going for a hike with friends, spend your weekend away from the screen and invest in doing something else.

Not only can it give your eyes a much needed break from LEDs and computer lighting, it can also give you much needed boosts of Vitamins C and D and give you more time to experience life away from the desk.

Experiment with Tuning Forks

Tuning fork therapy may not be something you hear about every day. However, there are plenty of benefits associated with this therapy that may make it a great investment in 2020. A version of sound therapy, tuning fork therapy utilizes calibrated metal rods that create specific tones that can promote emotional balance and restore energy.

Other forms of sound therapy include listening to music, brainwave entrainment programs, neurologic music therapy, and other similar methods. Sound therapy is recommended for the treatment of disorders, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, dementia and much more. But it’s also excellent for simply calming your mind and getting more centered.

Set Goals with Deadlines

Your 2019 may have felt like a free-for-all, especially towards the end. Setting goals in 2020 and establishing deadlines can help you stay on task and get everything accomplished in a timely manner.

From time blocking methods to creating SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely – goals, you can ensure you stay on track and have ample time to accomplish the things you want without constantly sacrificing your free time too.

Learn Something New Every Week

Keep your brain active and learn something new each week. Whether you attend a seminar for work, read an educational book, or simply watch an engaging documentary,  keeping your brain active can help you stay informed. It can also help boost brain power and ensure your brain stays strong for years to come. (Throw in a crossword, sudoku, or word search while you’re at it and keep yourself mentally prepared for puzzles of all types for years to come!)