9 Useful Tips for Smoking CBD Vape Devices

Vape cartridges are not cheap already and adding cannabinoids (CBD) makes them more expensive. If you are a regular smoker, you will need a cartridge every other week. However, we will share a few useful tips which will help you in prolonging your cartridge’s lifespan. 

Read the following useful tips to max out your CBD vape cartridge’s usage:


It is essential to mention that you do not absorb any CBD molecule in your lungs when performing mouth-to-lung smoking, and it is similar for THC cartridges. If you want to get the most out of your CBD cartridges, inhale it directly into your lungs. It will require you to have some practice to see the productive outcome.  


Everything has a capacity to hold something and so do your lungs when it comes to CBD oils. Deep breathes are necessary to enhance your vaping experience. If you feel filled, specifically your lungs, you should hold the smoke for at least five to ten seconds before exhaling it. You will know you are doing it right when you do not see much vapor upon blowing out.

It is pertinent to point out that your pull is directly proportional to your CBD absorption. The stronger you draw, the more CBD you absorb.  


We would recommend you to often change your preferences to CBD flowers and CBD oil cartridges. We are suggesting it because smoking on the same flavor will eventually build up similar tolerance, which results in the demand for a stronger material for the same, old effect. Switching to the aforementioned ones will manage your tolerance level and not make you addicted to stronger doses. You can also take breaks if you are comfortable with smoking any other cartridge. 

Cartridge boxes manufacturers often mention the risk and awareness messages on the packaging for the buyer’s convenience. You should carefully read them before purchasing your product. 


We would advise you to buy an electronic cigarette that comes with temperature settings so you can alter it accordingly. Keep exploring it until you find one that goes according to your preference. It is available to set the settings that suit you the best and burn the oil with the same effort. It also affects the amount of CBD you are consuming while smoking. 

Move from the lowest to the highest settings to find your sweet spot.


The place where you are storing your device also affects its performance. It is very common and informed everywhere that you should keep your e-juices in a cool and dry space. Because your liquids lose their potency when left out to ultraviolet rays, like the sun. This term is called passive evaporation and makes a major difference after a couple of days. So avoid direct sunlight to make it last longer. 


Your CBD oil cartridge could be muddled if you keep it in an upright position. The reason is simple as the oil in cartridges is inclined to get hard over time and it can make it even harder to make it interact with the coils if it gets hard in a different position. Keep it in an erected stance to make it contact the heating component easily.


You should also keep it or hold it in a way that you are not accidentally pressing its button. Some devices have a soft press and if it gets unintentionally squeezed inside your bag or pocket, the oil will drip out. Not only do you lose your product but you also get a messy, sticky condition in your storage part. You can have a protective case or bag, particularly for vape cartridges. 


You will find many vaporizers with custom-built batteries, which are sometimes not very commendable. They often work with one part and not the others, as a battery would operate with your oils but not the CBD cartridge. That is why you should get those batteries that are specifically designed to work with your e-device properly. It improves the overall experience significantly. 


Many smokers often discard their valuable e-fluids believing that their cartridges are fully drained. Just because you can’t see the liquid inside does not make your device entirely empty. The CBD oils sometimes glue to the inner walls which are not visible to many users. 

To check it, you should place your cartridges upside down for a day or more to confirm any stuff left in them. You will get shocked with how much e-liquid you get from this method. 


These are the nine tips that will not only make your CBD vape cartridges last longer but enhance your smoking experience. Kindly give them a try and see the change in your cartridges’ life for yourself.