9 Tips to Help Your Aging Parent Avoid Assisted Living

Are your parents reaching that age?

Our parents have taken care of us and devoted most of their time watching over us. As such, most of us feel an obligation to do the same for them as we grow up to be capable adults. However, there will be a time where our parents reach the age where they may need to go to a nursing home.

At least half of the people in a nursing home are 85 years or older. If your parents are reaching that age, but you want them to age in place, then these are some ways for you to help them avoid it.

Read what’s below to know what you can do to ensure your aging parents stay home. Keep them closer and happier with these tips.

1. Make Sure They Keep Themselves Active

A big reason for older adults to need nursing homes is because they’re not doing much physical movement on their own. This leads to their muscles atrophying as they become less and less active at home. If you want to help your parents age at home, you need to make sure that they get enough movement.

Talk to your parents about ways to keep themselves active. Encourage them to partake in exercise videos is a great way to do this. It also keeps them safe from the pandemic going on.

If able, though, encourage them to talk short walks outside. This helps them maintain their bone, muscle, and joint strength as they age.

2. Sharpen Their Minds

It’s also important that they keep their minds as healthy as their bodies. This ensures that they don’t fall victim to mental health issues that are common to people their age. Things like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are all possibilities if they don’t keep their minds sharp.

Having them take part in games of the mind like chess is a great way to avoid this. It keeps their wits about them and is a surefire way to keep them sharp.

3. Make Sure Their Environments Are Safe

Another thing you need to check is the environment of your parent’s home. If you want them to age in place, you need to make sure the house is not a danger to them. Most people end up having to be a part of assisted living because they’re a victim of a bad fall.

This makes it important to ensure they won’t hurt themselves as they go about their day to day lives. Avoiding falls is the best way to do so as they’re unlikely to harm themselves in other ways.

4. Keep Their Surroundings Clean, Too

It’s best that you find someone to clean up for them whenever necessary. Even the slightest bit of dirt can be harmful to their immune system. Most people their age are more susceptible to sicknesses, and even simple ones like the common cold can be fatal to them.

Hiring someone to clean for them is the best idea if you’re not going to do it yourself. Having your parents clean on their own can be hazardous. Inhaling the fumes that most cleaning products give off can burn the lungs and cause damage all over the body.

5. Prepare Their Home For Emergencies

You must also prepare their homes against things that can happen at any time. Things like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes must all be on the list if you want your parents to live in their home.

Keeping them stocked up with food and water is a good way to start. Earthquakes and floods can keep a household isolated for days if they’re in a bad spot. Making sure they have enough supplies to last is essential, especially to people their age.

You should also ensure they have a first aid kit at the ready. These often last from 3-5 years, so there should be no trouble in keeping stock for them.

6. Ensure They Have a Daily Routine Going

What’s great about assisted living is that they keep a routine going for their tenants. This ensures that tenants will never have a problem getting things they need like their medication and such. A routine is also a great way to keep older adults grounded.

Doing this for your parents is a great way to also make them feel busy throughout the day. A great way to do this is to call them on the regular. Ask them whether they’ve woken up well, ate their meals, and have taken their medication.

7. Find Them Some Companionship

It’s also important to meet the needs of companionship for your parents. People their age are always insecure about their connection to the world. This makes them less social to anyone who isn’t in their age group.

Making sure that they spend some time with other people is a great way for them to socialize. Even calling them up yourself to chat fulfills their social needs.

You can also provide companionship in the form of pet animals. Once they bond, they can be great companions to your parents while they’re at home.

8. Warn Them About Scams

As mentioned above, the elderly are insecure and fearful of a lot of things. This makes them prime targets for scams. These can cheat them out of their pension funds and can cause them to go bankrupt.

Warning your parents about these scams is a great way to prevent this. You can also warm them to not be too trusting of different individuals.

9. Keep a Positive Attitude

The most important thing you can do for your parents is to remain positive. While it’s scary knowing that they lack professional care at their age, you shouldn’t let your worries show. This will only stress them out, which will always have a negative impact on their health.

Calmly talk to them about possible worries, instead. This way, you won’t alarm them, too. Finding contingencies for any situation is also a great way for you to ease your mind as they’re aging in place.

Ensure Your Parents Age in Place

If you want to keep your parents happy as they age, having them in a nursing home isn’t the way to do it. Use these tips to help your parents age in place, where they’re most comfortable. Read up and assist your parents today!

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