9 Tips to Avoid App Uninstall

The competition is high and rising in the mobile app market due to the increasing supply in the market. Mobile app developers are trying hard to attain new users, as much as they do to retain the existing ones. 

In the following article, we would like to focus on user retention. We should understand “Why” users uninstall apps to be able to better answer “how” to avoid it from happening. So, we first discuss reasons for app uninstall and provide solutions to prevent it.

Let’s start with understanding the reasons why people uninstall apps.

Reasons For App Uninstall

Several factors can be contributing to an app’s churn:

Exhaustive Forms

Asking users to fill out a long exhausting form right after they install the app can lead to their bad user experience and thus uninstalling your app.

CTA and Notification Bombard

Although CTAs and push notifications are essential to an app’s success, too many of them annoy users.

One of these CTAs is requesting users to rate the app on the app store or Google Play. The timing of such requests and notifications is of high importance.


Users get concerned about their privacy when an apps requests access to sensitive data on their phone. Many apps get uninstalled just because they requested access, or even worse did not ask for access, to unnecessary data.

Monetization Strategy

An app’s monetization strategy is of high importance in its churn rate. For example, suppose that you install a mobile application in Australia and pay 1.00 AUD for it. Even that small amount can make you reluctant to uninstall it, as you will feel you are losing 1.00 AUD by removing it.

Remember, we are not saying that you should change your freemium model of monetization and have paid apps. Free apps get more installs and that’s why you should think about your monetization strategy thoroughly. 


Put simply, people avoid annoying apps and your app shouldn’t be one of them. Bugs, glitches, and crashes should be prevented in an app. Too much memory or battery usage of an app also encourages them to tap the uninstall button of the app.

Solutions to Prevent App Uninstall 

Now that we understand why people uninstall apps from their devices, it’s time to discuss tips to avoid them. Here are 9 practical solutions to avoid user burnout and stop them from uninstalling your app:

1. User Segmentation

All your app’s users do not interact with your app the same way. This is why app developers segment their users into various groups, whether based on demographics, characteristics, or behavioral patterns.

After dividing them into different segments you can think of useful strategies for each group.

2. App Onboarding

It’s simple, people don’t want to interact with something they don’t understand. Let them understand your app and engage with it by providing a simple step-by-step onboarding sequence on the app’s UI. 

3. Build a Community

Just take a quick look at the history of social media, and you will see how people strive to be part of a community.

Create opportunities for your users to take part in conversations and communicate with other users. This is how you address one of their important inner needs, as well as keeping them engaged with your app.

4. Smart Notifications

Send push notifications to your app users wisely to ensure they don’t work against your brand or business.

There are two points to consider in smart push notification broadcasting; frequency and personalization.

Bombarding your users with too many desperate requests doesn’t get you anywhere but high app user churn. Notify them when necessary, focusing on messages that are important for your users, not you, including discounts and special offers.

Personalizing messages based on user data can also boost your push notification effectiveness.

5. Track User Journey

There are tracking tools available for Android and iOS apps that help analyze what results in users uninstalling your app. These types of tools enable you to track users’ app events and follow how they are interacting with your app.

6. App Optimization

Enhancing App performance is one of the practical ways to retain app users. More than half of users uninstall apps for storage lack, high memory, and battery usage, and technical issues and crashes.

You can build powerful optimized apps by consulting any of the 10 top web design companies. Professional mobile app developers know how to build apps that do not drain user’s device resources.

7. In-app Messaging

Make a strong relationship with your users by enabling the in-app messaging feature. Let them get in touch with you easily and through your app.

8. Encourage Feedback

Don’t wait for your app users to complain about your app in Google Play or Apple App Store. Initiate the feedback provision process by asking them to help you improve your app.

9. Fidelity Incentives

Your mobile app gets successful as a business by building a community of loyal audiences. To achieve that you can encourage users to stay loyal to you by offering something valuable for their fidelity. Whether it’s a coupon for their next purchase or accessing bonus content, your offering should comply with your business model.

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