9 tips on saving money and having fun with your family

Analyzing the leisure time of many of your friends (and, perhaps, your own), you can easily draw a disappointing conclusion: people have forgotten how to relax. Or, rather, it will be like this: They have forgotten how to relax actively. By active relaxation, we mean resting outside your home during non-working days.

Indeed, the workweek is long and for many people are accompanied by a tight schedule. Therefore, on weekends, various household chores are recruited: washing, cleaning, car repairs, etc. Also, stress builds up fatigue. And this is normal for our life. Worse, many manage to spend the weekend within four walls, justifying that with household chores and lack of money for any event. The state of the wallet has nothing to do with it, and it is enough to devote just one day off to household chores if you plan it correctly. And you can devote the second day to yourself and your family, combining active rest with cognitive – and you will no longer want to return to the “couch” weekend.

Beach picnic

Picknick on a beach is actually a great family activity with a lot of benefits. It offers all kinds of procedures – from classic swimming to sunbathing. The price of the issue is travel by public transport if there is no personal car (you can calculate it yourself) + drinks and food (depending on gastronomic preferences). You can play some sports or games with your family in the fresh air. What can be better than that?

Pros: Sun, air and water are our best friends; active rest – if you add beach volleyball and water sports, new acquaintances.

Picking and harvesting

Mushrooms and berries picking, harvesting herbs for many people is also a rest. Moreover, it is generally known that a change of activity can positively affect your mental state and reduce your stress level. Changing the office to the forest is not only pleasant but also good for the eyes, lungs and good mood. If you are not attracted by the nearby forests, you can take the train and drive off in any direction – wherever your heart desires.

Pros: aesthetic pleasure, practical benefits (replenishment of food supplies), fresh air.

Free participation in promotions

This is the most economical solution.

Many organisers periodically offer free events for citizens. All the information about events can be found on social media groups or on city news sites. The most common events are races dedicated to various events, garbage collection by volunteers in the forest, rafting down the river (but such a vacation is suitable only for very active and responsive people. Some people do not even consider such events as a vacation.) There are also carnivals and fairs. All you need to do is follow the news and apply for participation in time.

Pros: minimal costs or their absence, maintaining physical activity, socially useful work, health improvement, new acquaintances, self-affirmation.

Outdoor games (volleyball, basketball, football)

A sport court is located almost next to every high-rise building, but few enjoy this privilege. The court is a great reason to play sports for free! Running, volleyball, basketball, football – everything is available to everyone. Even if there is no court nearby, you can always go to a park or another similar place. This leisure option is suitable for active people who have in family active like-minded people – fans of outdoor games.

Pros: no costs, health improvement, communication and bonding with family members, weight loss.

Bicycle ride

This is a great opportunity to spend time with your family in the fresh air with a lot of health benefits. You can develop a route in advance. For example, to the nearest village or city. When choosing the route, it is necessary to take into account the physical and temporal capabilities of each participant. If the trip is planned for half a day, then the route will be appropriate. You can also organise a picnic. The price of the issue literally depends on your appetite. You can get by with such a picnic set: homemade cakes or cookies + fruit, tea in a thermos. If you do not have personal ideas for the cycling route, do not despair – you can easily join cyclist groups on social networks.

Don’t forget that if you decide to do cycling, your kids will need good quality kids bikes. That is probably the only investment, but it is worth it, trust us.

Pros: Bonding with family, fresh air, staying fit, positive emotions, aesthetic pleasure, new acquaintances.

Of course, these options are designed mainly for warm sunny weather, but if it’s cool outside, do not despair – there is also something for this case:

Doors open days

In many fitness clubs, it has become fashionable to hold doors open days on weekends to attract new customers. This is both pleasant and useful – and for both parties. It is enough just to track such events on the sites in advance or learn about them from friends who are clients of these clubs. There are also so-called “guest subscriptions”, which allow you to bring your friends with you to classes for free. If you fall under such a “distribution” – most likely the club administrator will take all your contacts to inform you about ongoing promotions and at the same time persuade you to buy a fitness subscription. But there are also positive aspects to this.

Pros: you will always be aware of such events, you will learn a lot of exercises for body shaping and will be able to perform them at home in the future, meet new people and have an interesting time.


Free master classes attract clients very well, so they have taken root well both among psychologists and craftsmen in applied arts. The choice is wide – from psychology to learning how to draw your first picture. As a rule, such events are organised on weekends. Information on free masterclasses can often be found on city sites and in social network groups.

Pros: New and interesting information, new acquaintances.

Free training and presentations

Most often carried out by practising psychologists to advertise their services and training. Here you can learn a lot for yourself if the host is really a professional in his field. Therefore, it is better to first familiarise yourself with the program and the resume of the presenter.

Pros: acquiring useful information, meeting new people.


You can take a walk across the starry sky, depending on the chosen thematic direction, enjoy the sunset and meet the dawn. Also, the planetarium is perfect for meditation. In addition, the location of the planetarium in the park is conducive to a family walk and other pleasures.

Pros: new astronomical knowledge, aesthetic pleasure, relaxation with family.


This article offers you a lot of options for spending the weekend with minimal costs. If this did not convince you to leave the house, most likely you are a chronic stay-at-home and there is nothing you can do about it. In that case, play some board games and enjoy the family time. But if someone found useful ideas for the weekend, this article was not written in vain. In any case, now you have a lot of options and all the fun is yet to come. Go for it!