9 things you should know before you start building your dream house

How to build a house? For those of us who believe that there is nothing better in life than having a home of our own, this book of ideas is for you. But it is not only about a house, or the house that we are looking for in any area, but about that feeling of creating and decorating as we want. However, we may think that building a house is easy, and that many times we can skip a few steps and save a few bills. We recommend that you do not do it, therefore, here we tell you the 9 most important steps that you must take into account to build your house.

With these tips we do not pretend that it is like that, but rather that it serves as a guide to be more clear about what is needed, from the location of the place to the cherry on the cake. Keep reading and find out how to build your own house: 9 aspects to take into account.

  1. Location and terrain conditions

One of the first things to consider when building a home is the location or the terrain. They say that the order of the factors does not alter the product, that is, it is the same to have the architect or the place first. What we recommend at Abdul Rimaaz is that you first look for the ideal place. We know that due to the overpopulation it is difficult to find a good place, because it is full of rooms, residences and / or private houses. However, everything is possible. Knowing first the location or land where you want to build, you will have a better idea of ​​the design of the house.

But many times the results are not what they had planned. Therefore, it is better to consult an architect. The architect will help determine measurements, spaces, complete ideas and more important things, such as electricity, running water, details that you will not know how to handle.

  1. Labor – Find the best and according to your budget

To build a house you need to call in the experts. You can’t just walk around and stick brick and brick yourself, maybe yes, but it’s always better if someone who knows how to do it. The masons, as we say here in Mexico, are the most important for the Designing Constructing of the house. They know the perfect measure of water, lime, cement, sand, and others to be able to form the walls, the base. As well as the placement of rods for the foundation.

  1. Functional design and your taste

After having the three steps above, now it is time to think about the design. That is, if it is going to be two stories, how many rooms will the first have. Usually if it is two stories, it is for two people who are in future plans to start a family. On the first floor, the garage, hall, living room, dining room, kitchen and why not, a small patio are recommended. As simple as it is, you cannot miss a half bath. On the upper floor you can add bedrooms, bathroom or full bathrooms, even a study. Everything is a matter of your needs.

  1. Let the house express style and personality!

Another important point for the construction of a house is, the style. The style is derived from the personality of each person or family. There are different styles, classic, colonial, rustic, modern to minimalist. Depending on the style chosen, the corresponding rooms will be decorated. However, there can be different styles in a house, it all depends on taste.

The different environments of our house can be clearly separated or united in a larger space. What matters is that spatiality inspires us, that it does not create a feeling of suffocation. Let’s observe how in this project the incidence of the sun in space has been studied. How pleasant it is to be in an environment like this!

We must pay special attention to this factor, since our life at home will be strongly determined by this important detail.

  1. A house that provides security and that adapts to the environment

The next step that we recommend you to follow is to visualize how you want your house to look from the outside. The view of the exterior of a house takes place in this list of the 10 steps to follow to build a house. Imagine your ideal home, many times we do not have those possibilities and for them, we have to look for its similar. Design a facade where you liked entering your house, and that pleases other people wanting to go to your house, the first impression is what counts.

  1. Materials – Procure the natural and regional

Another important factor to consider in the Designing Constructing of a house is the material. That is, with what material you want to build a house or, if you want to add another type of material to the house. Depending on tastes, the house can have paving stone, even stone, glass or aluminum. It is a matter of thinking about what combines with the previous, design and style of the house.

  1. Cozy interiors with suitable furniture and decoration

After having the construction of the house, according to the design and style, it will be time to choose the furniture. The furniture ranges from the simple table in the hall to the bribery and the bathroom. As we have mentioned, the house can be of different styles, for them, if you have different styles in the rooms, it is important that the furniture fits with the style of the rooms. If you like the elegant and modern, we suggest you have the same style in the common areas, the  bedrooms will always have a little of the person who uses them.

Regarding the decoration. Before building a house, we think about the end result, especially how it will be decorated. Decoration has been one of the most important factors for the house and is the final touch. You can decorate with pictures, mirrors, plants, and even lighting. Awaken that creativity that is in you, and if you want you can even do it yourself.

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  1. Extension to the outside – Patio and garden are an indispensable part of a house!

It is very important to consider what type of outdoor spaces we want to live in. The patio or garden is very important, as they provide quality of life to the family. It is interesting to propose different types of surfaces on the floor that give us options according to the activity and the weather.