9 Things Never To Do While Wearing Diamond Rings

Diamond rings, especially if it’s your wedding ring or engagement ring, are essential and are likely to cost a lot of money. So taking care of them should be a top priority.

You’ll probably want to flaunt your ring all over town to let everyone know you’re engaged. However, doing so puts your ring in grave danger. Avoid the activities listed below if you want to keep your engagement ring in good condition.

  1. Activities on the Water

Never, and we mean never, wear rings while swimming or participating in any water-related activity, including water sports.

Cooler water can cause your fingers to shrink, making it easier for your rings, including your custom engagement ring, to slip off. Prolonged exposure to pool chemicals, such as chlorine, can also be harmful.

t is always preferable to leave your rings in a secure location or at home before entering the water to ensure that all of your jewelry remains in pristine condition.

  1. Makeup Application

Women should use caution while applying makeup. Even though it doesn’t appear to be a problem, a dusty foundation, powdered eye shadow, or blush can quickly dull the stones in your diamond ring.

Foundations and concealers, for example, can cling to the settings and facets of diamond rings, forming a foul film. In addition, diamond rings can be damaged by harsh chemicals found in some makeup removers and facial cleaners. Therefore, keeping your diamond rings out of the way during your morning and evening beauty routines is best.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is an excellent way to keep your body fit and healthy, but keep in mind that any physical activity can damage your rings.

Sweat and grease can accumulate while exercising and can impact the appearance of your ring negatively. In addition, sweat and grease will begin to accumulate and dull the appearance of your ring if it is not cleaned on a regular basis.

We recommend leaving your jewelry on the sidelines to avoid potential breaks, splits, cracks, stone loss, or worse, the entire piece.

We recognize that mistakes can occur. That is why, at Bogart’s Jewellers, we provide ultrasonic jewelry cleaning services to ensure that your Bogart’s ring remains in excellent condition.

  1. Gardening

Gardening and yard work are other popular summer activities.

Wearing diamond rings while performing either of these things is strictly prohibited for a number of reasons. When engaging in such activities, dirt and debris can get stored in the settings of diamond rings. However, depending on the kind of gardening activity, the diamond rings may also get exposed to various chemicals, such as fertilizers, which can damage the finish of the diamond and the interior of the diamond.

Even if you wear gardening gloves to protect the ring from certain exposure, the activity and impact of various tools and lawn equipment could harm them. As a result, if you’re planning to work in the yard or garden, leave the diamond rings inside somewhere secure.

  1. Using Chemicals to Clean

Chlorine and other common household chemicals, such as bleaches, deep cleaners, solvents, and so on, can cause stress corrosion in karat gold.

These chemicals have an effect on the metals that are mixed with the gold, causing the rings to crack and break. If this happens, they will not be able to be saved.

Furthermore, the harsh chemicals cause a chemical reaction at the microscopic grain boundaries in the alloys, which often weakens the bonds between them, allowing for easy metal breakage.

  1. Cooking

Rings should not be worn while cooking for a variety of reasons, like:

  • You won’t be able to wash your hands while wearing rings effectively.
  • Rings may fall into your food while you’re cooking.
  • Dirt and bacteria from your ring may find their way into your food.

Rings, for example, can collect and spread dirt and harmful bacteria that can end up in food. Therefore, food safety protocols advise against wearing rings other than a plain band and bracelets (including medical bracelets) while cooking.

Rings and other ornaments must also be removed in commercial kitchens.

Heat and cleaning products can both harm your jewelry. To avoid spoiling food or jewelry, it is best not to wear rings or jewelry while cooking.

  1. Sports Participation

Next on the list of activities, you should never do while wearing diamond rings is sports.

Sports can be physically demanding, so wearing diamond rings while participating is not a good idea. In addition, diamond rings can be harmed by the high levels of physical contact that are common in sports.

Because of the potential damage to a diamond ring’s setting, the stones may fall out of the diamond rings, resulting in an extremely tragic loss. In addition, athletes’ bodies naturally produce a large amount of sweat as a result of the increased activity that comes with participating in sports, which is simultaneously mixed with various dirt and oils.

  1. Transitioning from Indoors to Outdoors

Swimming is the best way to stay cool on a hot day, especially on warm summer days. 

This is a no-no when wearing diamond rings. Swimming should not be accompanied by diamond rings in a backyard pool or the ocean.

Swimming is one of the prime opportunities for diamond rings to become loose and slip from the finger, in addition to the chemicals and other water content. If your diamond engagement ring falls off while swimming, the chances of recovering them are slim to none.

We suggest diamond rings must be kept at home or in a safe place before taking the plunge.

  1. Machine operation

Operating machinery while wearing rings can be dangerous.

While operating machinery, your rings may come into contact with or become stuck in moving parts. Operating machinery while wearing rings is extremely dangerous and may result in jewelry damage.

Bracelets and necklaces are prone to becoming entangled or snagged as you move, and you may find yourself retracing your steps to determine where they fell off. In addition, if they do not get caught in something, they will become tangled together and may break when separated.

It’s probably best to leave your precious diamond ring at home if you’re operating any machinery.

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