9 steps to help you start a juice kiosk business

9 steps to help you start a juice kiosk business.

How to start a juice kiosk business in mall ? why start a juice business ?
More and more people prefer fresh juice or juice, which is packaged without the addition of coloring, flavoring and preservatives, which makes this a good business opportunity. Initially you need a prescription, some equipment, and a health service permit from your city or state.

1. Identify your juice bar or juice kiosk
Come up with a niche for your juice business. For example, you can focus on selling organic juice, energy juice, distilled juice or bottled juice. This is a important step in staring a juice kiosk business. As long as you confirm the business type , you can go to the next steps. Bare in mind that different city and different place the consume habit are quite different, do more research is necessary.

2.Prepare a business plan for your juice kiosk business
Write a business plan that includes the details of your niche. three year operating costs; Three-year earnings forecasts; Marketing and public relations strategies; Analysis of business competition; Information about potential suppliers and points of sale.

3.Make a juice recipe
Create juice recipes for your business, including flavors that are not common in grocery stores. A varied menu will encourage customers to protect your business. For example, orange juice and pineapple juice are common tastes, but carrot melons and strawberries are not so typical.

4.Research license and approval
Contact your city health department to find out what permissions you need to start a food business. You may need a wholesale license, food manager certification, or wholesale manager license.

5.Get an employer’s permission and card
Get the license required by your country to run a retail store and IRS Employer ID (see Resources). Depending on the structure of your business and the country in which you live, you might also need certificates of alleged names or sales and use of tax credits.

6.Find a product supplier
Find a seller to buy the product if you don’t want to grow it yourself. Try to buy locally – and wholesale – to save on shipping costs. Contact the farmers’ markets and producer associations near you for a list of potential product suppliers. If you choose organic products, the cost of making juice is more expensive, but you can also ask for more from customers.

7.Find a good location in mall
A safe place to sell your juice. Options include flea markets, street stalls, farmers’ markets, city parties, carnivals, or exhibitions or food stalls. Or, you can drink juice and shop at the grocery store, restaurant, food store, fitness center and local cafe. This requires bottling juice at licensed facilities such as food factories or commercial kitchens.

8.Buy kiosk booth and accessories
For this steps you need to find a mall kiosk manufacturer to help you build a unique juice kiosk. Before that you need someone to create a outstanding kiosk design. Many kiosk manufacturer will offer the kiosk design service, if not you have find a design company to accomplish it.

Buy wholesale commercial juicers and accessories such as glasses, napkins and cutlery to save money instead of paying retail prices.

9.advertising juice kiosk business
Buy your juice. Send news updates to local media, sponsor a day at a fitness or health center, launch a promotional website, or open a social networking account. Now you are living a new media epoch, more and more people are using new media to connect each other. So, you can also manage your relationship with your clients through it.

Running a business is not a one day work, it’s a long term and deep think job. As long as you have filled with enthusiasm and full of passion in everyday work can help you make good money and great brand.

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