9 Simple Things Every Lady Should Know About Her Car

There are many stereotypes that women are bad drivers or know nothing about cars. However, the truth is not so bleak, since many ladies know as much about cars as their male friends or family members. Want to join that superwomen club? Here’s what you absolutely need to know about your four-wheeler. Let’s take a closer look:

Routine maintenance is a must

When your car breaks, it is a huge bummer since it is quite inconvenient and expensive. However, if you do regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations and brake tests, you can spare yourself a world of headaches. These maintenance tasks might take a little bit of your time at the given moment, but they can save you a lot of money, hassle and nerve down the road.

Listen to your senses

You don’t have to be a car specialist to know that something is not right with your car. Many issues that develop can be caught early if you just listen to the engine, smell the cabin air or feel how your car handles. If you notice an unusual sound, smell something suspicious or feel the car pulling to one side, make sure to see a mechanic.

Check for spots

Make a habit to regularly check the spot where your car was parked and look for leaks. Sometimes your car will drip oil, antifreeze or water, and that’s something that needs to be checked out by a professional.

Get good car insurance

Driving is often a risky activity, so you need to be prepared for accidents, no matter if they are your fault or not. With good car insurance, your insurance policy will help pay for the other party’s medical bills and damage to their car or other property. If you are taken to court, it also helps pay your legal fees, so it’s a great thing to have. The best thing you can do for your car and yourself is to invest in the best car insurance that pays attention to your habits and lifestyle and provides you with a policy that suits them. With such insurance, you can drive without worries.

Have a spare tire and know how to use it

Many women think that changing a tire is rocket science, but it really doesn’t require much skill, especially for a life-saving skill. If you watch a few YouTube videos, you can master this task in half an hour. Just make sure you always have a quality 4wd spare tire with you. If you don’t want to change a tire yourself, you can invest in AAA to get you off the road, but not as quickly and cheaply as changing a tire yourself.

Care for your tires

The best thing you can do for your car is to avoid having to change the tire in the first place, so take good care of your tires to avoid flats. Pay attention to your tire pressure and make sure it is optimal for your tires and vehicle model. Low tire pressure can affect your mileage, but also damage your tires and affect your safety when driving. There’s really no excuse for driving with deflated tires since most cars have a warning light when the pressure is low and you can just drive to the gas station and add air to your tires for free. Also, proper tire alignment is crucial for tire longevity—it prevents premature tire tread wear and tear. Plus, if you regularly rotate your tires, you can also boost their lifespan by ensuring equal strain on all four tires.

Check the oil

Every driver knows how important it is to regularly change your oil, but still, most of us choose to neglect that maintenance task. Why do we do that? Well, not changing the oil doesn’t have immediate negative effects, so we delay it and delay it until our car starts to choke and suffer. A car in need of an oil change can go for thousands of miles, but it can’t go on forever. When your car one day does stop, you will need a new engine, not just a tiny and simple repair, though. So make sure to regularly check your oil levels and change oil according to your car’s manual.

Know where your emergency kit is

On average, women are more responsible than men when it comes to acquiring and updating their emergency kits, and that is a very big plus. And when talking about “emergency kits” we don’t only think about the first aid kit for medical trauma—you also need a few other things to have in your car at all times. Aside from medical supplies, every car needs jumping cables (and knowledge on how they are used), pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers and a flashlight. In case you have an emergency, and you probably will have at least one in your driving career, all of these will come in handy.

Get unstuck

No matter where you live, in the city or somewhere rural, there is always a possibility of getting stuck in mud or snow, so knowing how to get out of these situations is crucial. If you ever get stuck, the best thing you can do is stop and calm down. Go forwards and backwards to try and catch some traction. In no case should you floor it—this will only get you more stuck and you can even damage your vehicle or hurt someone. Put a floor mat, branches, cardboard or stones under your tires, and they will hopefully provide you with some extra traction.

Wrapping up

As you can see, all of these car facts and tasks don’t require too much knowledge or time, but they can indeed make you a better and safer driver and car owner. So ladies, take good care of your gorgeous vehicle and remember that with some simple regular maintenance you will definitely make your car last longer.