9 Reasons Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save Your Unit

One of the best things about chilling out in your own home is the ability to keep the habitat comfortable year-round. An air conditioning system offers you a higher degree of control over your environment regardless of the weather conditions. Proper maintenance is key to the longevity of your unit and your prolonged comfort.

1. The Air Filter

A dirty air filter can reduce the unit’s efficiency and increase energy waste, meaning you’ll have to refrigerate or dehumidify your home more often. It won’t just be a hassle, but it will also lead to higher cooling bills.

It’s usually the job of a licensed HVAC specialist to replace the filters regularly. However, most homeowners can take care of this task independently after being taught by professionals.

2. The Condition of Your Compressor

Compressors age over time, so they should be cleaned regularly and inspected for damages. If a crack occurs in your compressor, it can lead to leaks, which will cost you more money to fix.

Although the problem might not be visible when the unit is running, it will still cost you more money in the long run. By accessing AC Repair in North Las Vegas, you can keep the air conditioning unit in good working condition for a longer time.

3. Heat Exchange

Heat exchanges are part of air conditioning systems and are responsible for transferring heat from one place to another. If the exchange is damaged or has too much residue on it, this will cause your unit to malfunction as there will be insufficient heat transfer during operation. Maintenance will resolve this problem and ensure efficient cooling of your home.

4. Heating System

If your unit gets too hot, the heating system might malfunction. A buildup of heat inside the unit can lead to fire hazards.

Homeowners should always keep an eye on their systems to ensure they don’t get too hot, which is a common problem among homeowners in light of seasonal changes. Summer vacations and winter holidays are particularly dangerous when there’s a higher demand for heat control indoors.

5. Fan Motor

The fan motor is responsible for operating and maintaining airflow within the ducts. If your unit gets clogged with dust, hair, and other foreign particles, it will lead to airflow issues; the fan motor won’t be able to keep your unit cool.

6. Operation

The operation of an air conditioner largely depends on the thermostat that’s connected to it. If the thermostat is faulty or installed in a way that’s not suitable for the unit, your AC might malfunction due to over-heating or under-cooling.

7. Maintenance Schedule

An air conditioning maintenance schedule will ensure that your system isn’t running too long and that your unit has no problems. While the operator can check the overall temperature of the area for several days, a maintenance plan is created for a specific period to identify any issues or malfunctions that occur.

It also ensures that you’re only paying for the service that’s needed – which helps keep your monthly energy consumption lower.

8. Cleanliness

If there’s any grease or dust in the ducts, it can prevent airflow within the system, which will lead to air quality issues and pose a potential fire hazard.

9. Location

Some rooms, such as the attic or garage, are not suited for air conditioning installation. For example, if your unit isn’t placed in an open area where it can provide airflow evenly to the entire room, it might overheat or under-cool areas.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t prioritize HVAC maintenance and wait until things go wrong before having a professional service for their systems.

When this happens, you could spend thousands of dollars to make repairs on your current system, leaving you with high energy bills for months. It may even be impossible to know if your system is being operated at optimal efficiency levels.

Some areas of the country have laws that require homes to be inspected at least once a year. These inspections will ensure that your HVAC systems are working correctly, but they can alert you to any potential problems.

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