9 Reasons to Hire Professional Painters to Paint Your Space

If you have decided to DIY your way into painting your bedroom this new year, then think again. Do you want to spend your weekends standing in a paint aisle trying to decode the jargons mentioned behind the paint tins? Moreover, are you willing to take the risk of spending your time, money and energy to paint your home only to hate it after it’s done? 

Numerous things can go wrong when you paint your home. Still not sure about hiring professional help? We have rounded up 9 reasons why you must hire professional painters. 

1 Quality work 

There is no denying that there is a huge difference between an amateur painting a room and an expert doing the same. Professional painters have mastered their art over the years. By hiring a professional home painting service, you can stop worrying about messy, thick coats, uneven finish and chips. 

2 Long lasting 

Even if you manage to paint your home beautifully, there is a high chance that it will need constant maintenance and touch up, unlike in the case of a house painted by professionals. 

3 Well equipped 

Painting can’t be done with just a paint tin and a few brushes. You will have to invest in safety gears, caulking tools, sandpapers, rollers, paints, sprays and other tools. You can save yourself the trouble of buying these tools which you might never use again in the future by hiring a home painter

4 Safety 

The last thing you want is to fall off a ladder while you are trying to patch up a dent on the ceiling and break your leg. By hiring a licensed contractor, you need not worry about any accidents while painting as utmost care is taken and in case of any injuries, the painters are covered under insurance. 

5 Informed decision 

What if you decide to go with a trending colour of the season only to later realise that it makes your room appear cramped up and dark? Professional painters know which colour will suit your space and which type of paint to select depending on the functionality of a space. The best part is that they are aware of what’s trending in the market and which colour palette will best suit your lifestyle. 

6 Timely delivery 

A common mistake that people do is to underestimate the time it will take for them to paint their house. You cannot predict what delays may occur and a project that was supposed to last a week can extend up to even a month. By hiring painting home services, you can be assured that they will meet the deadline and you will get a freshly painted house within the decided time. 

7 Thorough Preparation 

Someone who has painted a wall before would know that prepping a wall is equally if not more time consuming than painting it. A lot needs to be done before you pick up the brush and start painting. You need to tape the edges, clean, smoothen, patch up and prime the walls. There might even be structural damages that requires carpentry work or a rot repair that you might not be able to fix. You are prone to be lazy and not do a good job which will affect the final look of your space. 

8 Stress-free  

By hiring a professional home painter, you can be stress-free and focus on other important aspects of decorating your space. If you want to make your house painting experience fun instead of daunting, it is recommended that you consider seeking professional help. 

9 Before and After Care 

Right from using moving the furniture, putting a high-quality drop cloth to protect your floors and furniture to cleaning up the paint stains post- painting is taken care of, if you hire a professional home painting service. 

Painting your home is a significant financial investment. So, if you don’t want to compromise on the quality, hire Asian Paints Safe Painting Service. Sit back and relax while they transform your home into a space that best reflects your personality.