9 Question to Ask a Web Designer and a Content Writer

Hiring a web designer for your business is a cumbersome job. Hence, it requires you to interview designers and ask them questions relevant to their profession. Therefore, many companies have several questions in mind that they want to ask from third-party web design agencies. However, they do not much enquire about the designers. As a result, businesses fail to get their desired results.

Since every client has the right to know about the creative design process and should have proper background knowledge about the web designer. Hence, web design is a creative art that requires a lot of practice and expertise. Therefore, it adds tremendous value and demand to websites and displays their colorful and powerful appeal to the customers. Companies are willing to build new websites and need web design specialists to develop their websites. The trend for creating websites is increasing, and organizations are looking for expert web designers to design dynamic and functional websites. The classic era of static websites is now over, and startup businesses demand vibrant and colorful website themes to attract and convert their audience.

This blog has compiled a list of questions that you should ask professional website design services before appointing them for the work.

Q.1: Do you have a Professional Portfolio?

ANS: It is an essential question to ask a web designer. Every web designer should have an individual and professional portfolio to show to the client. A portfolio should contain a collection of masterpiece designs to display to the customers. They must have a fabulous collection of work to showcase to others and find appreciation from the audience.

Businesses must thoroughly check their portfolio and have a detailed conversation with their present and past customers. It gives them a clear sense of idea to organizations to analyze the work of designers and decide to hire them for work. Companies must judge the quality and creativity of designs before hiring design agencies for outsourcing services.

Q.2: Do you have Relevant Experience in Your Work?

ANS: It is the most common question to ask a web designer. Every business should ask this question to a web designer. It gives a clear sense of understanding to organizations about the work experience of designers. They should be highly professional with thorough technical knowledge and practical hands-on industry expertise.

Designers should have core design expertise and have a solid grip of the latest tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Macromedia web suite. These are advanced designing platforms for web designers that enhance their skills and hone their talent. Apart from tools, they should also have a basic understanding of Html, CSS, and JavaScript. These are essential elements for creating websites and give a solid visual user experience.

Q.3: Do you Conduct Market Research before Designing a Website?

ANS: Every third-party outsourcing agency should answer this question. It is essential to ask the agency about doing extensive industry research. Agencies should conduct a thorough and comprehensive research analysis of the market. They should have complete knowledge and understanding of the local area. Businesses should have a broad idea of their competitors, and they should keep an eye on their strategies to follow. Companies should know about the current happening in the local market, and they should keep up with the latest trends to implement in web design. It helps businesses understand the existing design ideas to implement them in web design projects.

Q.4: Can you tell us Your Design Process in a Bit More Detail?

ANS: Businesses must ask this question to the web designer before deciding to hire. It is imperative to interrogate a web designer who shows their professional work skills and expertise. Designers must provide clear and straightforward information about their design process. They should define a complete procedure right from the start till the end.

The web design process begins with thinking and brainstorming ideas. Designers use their full mental potential and analytical capabilities to develop something unique and different for clients. It takes extra effort, time, money, and resources to design a new website right from scratch. The next step that comes after brainstorming is hand sketching an imaginative design concept on blank paper. It gives a practical shape to a fictional design. Wireframing is another part of web design that is a process of creating a layout structure and sitemap. Web designing and development come later, followed by testing and launching a website in the market.

Q.5: How Do You Maintain a Timeline of a Website Design Project?

ANS: Maintaining a timeline for a web design project is necessary for businesses to ensure timely delivery to clients. It should be strict regarding the deadlines and meet them as soon as possible. Usually, it takes about five to seven days to complete a website. Outsourcing agencies use advanced project management tools such as Jira, Asana, Agile, Scrum, Trello, and Teamwork. It helps them provide unity and strength to breaking down tasks and assigning them to the team for faster work execution.

“Content Writer Questions”

Q.6: How Much Expertise Do You Have in Content Writing?

ANS: Writing requires practice and expertise. Hiring a content writer is a bit complicated to interview a writer to know about a particular set of skills. Writing is a continuous learning process that allows the content writer to learn new things. It enables a content writer to improve and update the knowledge to provide the latest information to the customers.

Q.7: Can You Show Your Work Portfolio Samples?

ANS: Work samples are solid proof for content writers. Every senior and experienced content writer must have a complete writing portfolio to show to clients. They should have their published content links to share with others to check their quality of work. Before hiring a content writer for work, companies like book writing always keep these considerations in mind.

Q.8: Do You Write Original and Plagiarism-free Content?

ANS: Originality is a fundamental criterion for writers. They should produce original and remarkable content for the target audience. Content must be well-researched and contain factual information and statistics figures to show authenticity. It should be plagiarism-free and written originally by a content writer to deliver an exciting and informative blog or article to the readers. Customers like to read something new and different that keeps them engaged with the content for longer. They read the content thoroughly from the start till the end and share it with their friends and colleagues on social media.

Q.9: How Much Variety of Content Can You Produce for Clients?

ANS: It should be a specialty of content writers to be an all-rounder. They must provide various content to the clients. They include web content, web copy, blogs, guest posts, web 2.0, articles, product descriptions, and short questions and answers. Blogs should be highly informative and interesting to educate and entertain the readers.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above are essential questions to ask a web designer and a content writer. Both of these professions require extensive research and knowledge of the industry. Businesses should ask these niche-related questions and add more challenging questions to gauge their mental capabilities. The demand for web designers and content writers is increasing in the market so these questions would help companies hire them.


Lauren Henderson is a web content writer, and guest blogger, who offers unique and professional content writing services to online business entrepreneurs.