9 PPT Templates for Powerful Business Strategy Presentation

If you don’t know where you’re going, the road you take is irrelevant. While wandering is great for adventures, it is not the best way to start a business or turn a failing one around. A high-level strategy can help you gain much-needed momentum, and with a suitable business strategy template, you can confidently ride into the unknown.

In this article, we’ll get to the heart of what exactly a business strategy template is and why you would need one. We’ll also look at how SlideTeam can help you along the way and answer some frequently asked questions.

What is a Business Strategy Template?

A business strategy template is a fill-in-the-blank resource that guides you throughout the process of developing your own winning business strategy. A good one will cover topics like your marketing strategy, go-to-market strategy, tools, product-market fit, team dynamics, strategic goals, competitive analysis, and more.

Why Do You Need a Business Strategy Template?

Using a template can help you ensure that your business strategy contains all the necessary information. In a nutshell, it should include everything you need to launch a successful go-to-market strategy while also leaving room for error and unanticipated events.

If you already have a business and need to pivot or avoid some potential risks, a new business strategy template could be the solution to getting you back on track. Switching gears may be time-consuming and costly, but your investors, employees, and, most importantly, customers will thank you when you get it right. There are numerous applications for business strategy templates.

SlideTeam’s Hand-picked Business Strategy PowerPoint Templates

So, how do you go from having no business strategy to having a brilliant one using a template? 

Let’s look at the list of 9 business strategy templates compiled by SlideTeam to get you started.

Template 1: Start-Up Business Strategy PowerPoint Template

Running a startup business is already challenging. If you had to create a business strategy that guarantees success simultaneously, you are all set for sleepless nights and recurring headaches. SlideTeam takes this burden off your shoulders! Here’s an illustrative PPT Template that offers market insights and value propositions canvas, besides several critical pieces necessary to build an effective business strategy. Download it now.

Template 2: Business Strategy PPT Framework

A strategic plan is a roadmap to grow your business! You wouldn’t want to waste time and resources building an ineffective one. How do you ensure your strategy is built on the right foundation? With SlideTeam’s handpicked PPT Templates, you get a well-thought framework for developing your business strategy. Get it now.

Template 3: Business Strategy And Process PowerPoint Design

Here’s a predesigned PPT Deck worth 62 visually-aesthetic slides. With this content-ready PowerPoint Presentation, you only have to fill out your company’s details, and voila, you have your business strategy and process framework ready to present. Easily editable, this template gives you the edge to prepare a business strategy that fits your company’s vision. Download now.

Template 4: Mckinsey 7S Strategic Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides

You can’t develop an inclusive business strategy if you lack a sense of strategic management. This exemplary template with Mckinsey’s 7S Framework for Strategic Management will bring you up to speed with critical aspects necessary to structure your next business strategy. Get it now.

Template 5: Effective Business Strategy PPT Template

This content-ready PPT Template is worth your hard-earned dollars. Why?

It gives you a vetted business strategy model that supplements business management within your organization. It keeps you hitting dead ends on your road to success and business growth. Get it now.

Template 6: Business Strategy PPT Slides

Here’s another holistic PowerPoint Presentation Design that races your efforts to create an inclusive business strategy to success. From establishing value propositions and marketing plan objectives to deriving brand promotion strategies, this template helps you throughout your journey of building your business strategy. Get it now.

Template 7: Business Strategy Innovation PPT Design

Preparing a business model innovation framework is challenging, but with Slideteam’s predesigned PPT Template, you can rest assured that your efforts won’t go in vain. It has a well-thought strategy of innovation that you can employ to scale your business growth. Download it now.

Template 8: One-page Business Strategy With Customer Panel

If you seek a quick and easy on-page business strategy to get desired results, you have reached the right place. This exemplary PPT Template helps you build your business strategy with a dedicated customer panel, so you don’t have to ache your back sitting for hours preparing it. Get it now.

Template 9: Business Strategy PowerPoint Infographic

Build a business strategy in five steps! Does it sound unrealistic to you? It can be, but with SlideTeam’s intuitive template, you can actually achieve this feat without breaking the bank. This template breaks down your business strategy into five phases:

  • Identifying the opportunity
  • Analyzing the market
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Optimizing the Strategy
  • Strategic Planning

Get it now.

Plan Your Business Success

Each year, you should create a comprehensive strategic plan and then update it monthly as actual results come in and you obtain more clarity and intelligence.

Achieving desired business results without a strategic template is like climbing Everest bare feet. Get SlideTeam’s business strategy templates and avoid that catastrophic fall.

Don’t wait; create your strategic plan today and achieve your goals.