9 Must Read Articles On Food and Beverage Mobile Ordering

In the past two years you have seen that food and beverage stores are replacing their paper menu with a QR code menu and they have a lot of signs and ads about their new mobile ordering app. Mobile ordering is a huge trend nowadays and it is, in fact, a system where restaurants, cafes and all kinds of food businesses can accept orders and payments from a distance and online. It has been shown as an effective system for many businesses around the world and they are all talking about the advantages and experience that mobile ordering provides.

Mobile ordering app builder Orda ( put together a list of the 9 Must- Read articles on mobile ordering for food and beverage stores.

  1. FoodHub NYC Partners with Orda to Fix Broken Churn Rate


If you have a marketing agency that works with you, you have probably heard about the new technologies they are offering regarding the chun rate as a critical factor for businesses in the food industry. This article is a great example of how Tech SAAS (Software as a service) companies already show 5%-10% churn rate.

  1. Upselling and Cross-Selling That Your Customers Actually Like


Getting a new customer is way more expensive than keeping your loyal ones.  Although loyal customers buy more and they have frequent visits to your store, if you ignore the cross-selling and upselling to your current buyers, you leave a lot of profit – enhancing opportunities. Check more about what customers like and try to use it, so you can attract new loyal customers.

  1. Ace Online Deliveries with Doordash and Orda


Orda and Doordash started their partnership recently in order to help millions of customers and companies in the food and beverage industry that have created a branded mobile ordering app but they had trouble delivering their products to people’s homes. In the following blog post, you have a list of things that this partnership offers to businesses that decided to create a mobile ordering system. Check it out!

  1. Why self-service kiosks are necessary for your business


If you walk around New York or other cities, you will see an interactive device in front of every food and beverage store that allows you to make your order quicker than ever. Many businesses have implemented these self-service systems in order to make their customer experience better. Check out why it is necessary for your business to implement this.

  1. Your self-service kiosk can be your secret ingredient for customer engagement


One of the key factors of having a successful food service business is offering your customers the possibility to engage and be part of your community. With a self-service kiosk, you allow them to make orders and pay the bill without the assistance of a cashier.

  1. How to streamline your online order management?


When digitalization took its place, many businesses started with online ordering, mobile ordering apps and a lot of new features to have a modern and effective way of serving their customers and increase their productivity. The process of managing the online orders can sometimes be a difficult and challenging task, but there are a lot of ways on how you can streamline your online ordering management.

  1. Give convenience to your customer with a juice bar ordering app


The traditional way of ordering is out of date for a long period now. Juice bars have joined the community of successful businesses that created a mobile ordering app. With Orda as an app builder you can create your app in only 5 minutes and give your customers the convenience of ordering they are looking for.

  1. Boost your restaurant or coffee shop sales with these proven strategies


Creating a mobile ordering app for your restaurant and coffee shop is one of the best strategies today to improve your customer relationship. When you have an app that is user-friendly and allows your customers to take their time and decide what to order, you are just one step closer to achieving your goal to boost your sales. There are some other proven strategies that can help you with your sales and they are listed below.

  1. Buddy Valastro Unique Pizza Customer Experience in Las Vegas (

Celebrity Chef Buddy Valastro “Cake Boss” partnered with Orda to create a unique customer experience. Buddy’s customers enjoy a full solution digital interaction with Buddy through express ordering kiosks, mobile ordering app, and web ordering. Customers can even order delivery through Orda’s partnership with DoorDash. Read more about the exciting partnership in this post.