9 Interesting Law Careers

In Fall 2019, there were just over 112,000 students enrolled in an accredited law school program. There was an increase in students who weren’t seeking a law school degree but wanted to be in a law-related field.

As you can tell from these statistics, there are many legal careers, whether you have a law degree or not. Some of these law careers open up doors into other fields, such as politics or entertainment.

If you’re thinking about the legal field as your next step, you want to know what kind of jobs in law exist so you can see if it’s the right path for you.

The good news is that this article has you covered. Read on to learn some of the most interesting legal careers and how to choose the right path for you.

1. Immigration Lawyer

Almost 40 million people in the U.S. weren’t born in the U.S. It’s not easy to leave a life elsewhere behind and start over in a new environment.

There are legal differences and language differences that make the adjustment very difficult. You can help ease that transition by helping people navigate legal issues regarding immigration.

You can help companies obtain work visas for employees and help individuals get legal status in the country.

2. Entertainment Lawyer

Do you have amazing negotiation skills? You might have a thriving career as an entertainment attorney. An entertainment attorney represents entertainment companies and individual creatives.

They negotiate contracts for their clients. Actors certainly don’t get $20 million a picture on their own. An attorney negotiates with the studio to make it happen.

Entertainment attorneys also protect the rights of creatives through intellectual property law.

3. Bankruptcy Lawyer

Over the last year, millions of families experienced financial hardship because of COVID-19. Lost jobs, furloughs, and closures mean that people are looking at all available options to handle debt.

For many, that means declaring bankruptcy. This gives them some breathing room and financial relief, but it requires legal assistance. Bankruptcy lawyers guide clients to restructure their debts and handle the mountain of paperwork.

4. Policy Analyst

Do you have a strong interest in public policy? You can leverage your law degree into a career in politics. After all, law is based on legislation passed at the state and federal levels.

You can start out helping politicians figure out how to vote on certain policies. You can help them write legislation.

It’s also possible to use that experience to run for office yourself.

5. Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is one of the most underrated areas of law. This is normally reserved for the ambulance chasers, but you can really help people in this area of law.

For example, if someone is in a car accident, you can help them take care of their medical bills. People who were injured at work need help fighting insurance companies.

You can start your career by working in a law firm. There are firms like kemprugegreen.com, Baker McKenzie, and Norton Rose Fulbright that are known for this area of law.

6. Family Lawyer

How would you like to give people security, peace of mind, and the opportunity to create a family? A family lawyer does all of this and more.

Family attorneys help manage wealth and security by creating wills, trusts, and estate plans. They can also help families manage a painful divorce or adopt a child.

7. Legal Professor

Let’s say that you graduate from law school and later realize that you can’t stand practicing law. You can make the jump into the academic side of law and teach.

The problem is that the field is incredibly competitive. There are a finite number of law programs in the United States. Once someone has a job as a law professor, they usually stay for years.

Between the number of people vying for a job and the low turnover rate, it seems impossible to get a position. You can get started as a visiting professor. That gives you the ability to travel and gain valuable experience in an academic setting.

8. Trial Consultant

If you’re an entrepreneurial type, you could start a one-person legal consulting shop. In this role, you get hired on a contract basis to provide legal advice to people and companies.

The topics can vary greatly, from tax advice to employment advice. You should pick one area to specialize in and make yourself the expert in that area.            

9. Corporate Lawyer

Your job as a corporate lawyer is to protect the rights and assets of a corporation. This usually involves knowledge of different types of law.

You need to know employment law to make sure the corporation complies with all employment regulations and laws. You should know data privacy laws like GDPR. If you work for a healthcare company, you need to know HIPAA, which is another privacy law.

You also need to know about intellectual property. You may need to send out cease and desist letters and pursue legal action against people and entities that infringe upon trademarks.

This is not to be confused with a business lawyer. A business lawyer works on their own and has many businesses as clients. A corporate lawyer is employed by the corporation.

Which Legal Career Is Right for You?

How can you choose a career in law with so many amazing choices available? It’s not easy, but there are a few things you can look at.

Start by looking at your education. You need to know if you have the grades to get into law school. You may decide that a paralegal school would be a better option.

Next, look at the career opportunities and your interests. Is there anything that aligns with you personally? That might be a field that you want to pursue.

The Top Law Careers for Your Future

Did you find a career path on this list? There are plenty of fascinating law careers to choose from. You can leverage these career paths to become a sports agent or a TV analyst. It’s completely up to you.

To choose the right law career, you do need to consider your education, experience, and what you want from a career in law.

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