9 Incredible Reasons for Visiting Disney World

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Florida welcomes almost 60 million people into its fantasy land every year. It is the most visited attraction resort in the world. And for good reason too.

So, why do so many people flock to the magical theme park? Perhaps it’s to dive into a world of imagination and creativity, to go on thrilling rides, or meet their favorite Disney characters. Likely, it’s a combination of all of that and more.

Check out these 9 incredible reasons for visiting Disney World and you’ll be itching to plan your own trip there.

1. A Disney Vacation is an Escape from Reality

Regardless of how old you are, when you visit Disney World you enter into another world. It’s magical and enchanting, inspiring your child-like curiosity and imagination.

It gives you the opportunity to forget about reality for a couple of hours and explore the limits of your creativity and imagination. You can be a pirate at Adventureland and then head off to ‘Japan.’ Everything is possible.

There are not many vacations that offer this complete break from reality, that allow you to transcend the border between reality and fantasy.

2. The Options are Endless

In fact, the options of attractions, entertainment, and sights are so plentiful that it can be overwhelming. If you’re spending your entire vacation in the park, you just might get to visit all of your favorite attractions.

But then when would you play a round of golf on the courses or go shopping at Disney Springs?

And then there are the restaurants. Every cuisine from most corners of the world is available. Dive into extravagant deserts or African dishes.

The biggest problem with going to Disney is figuring out how to fit in all the incredible things to do.

3. A Disney World Vacation is Never the Same

One of the top reasons to go to Disney is that every trip is different. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your hundredth time visiting, you’ll always have a unique and memorable experience.

One of the reasons for this is that the parks are always changing. There’s always something new and exciting to see or do.

4. It’s Perfect for All Ages

A Disney World vacation pleases everyone. From the very young to the old, there’s something for everyone to enjoy that will have them smiling. This makes it the perfect family vacation destination.

No family members have to compromise entertainment or enjoyment. The magic of the park is infectious, even the grumpiest inlaws and fussiest children will fall in love with Disney World.

5. Disney Pays Attention to Details

The reason that there’s no other place in the world like Disney is the intricate attention to detail. Everything in the park has meaning and purpose. Look out for hidden Mickeys at the attraction, or the exact distance between trash cans.

Everything has been meticulously thought out to offer you a sweet escape into the magical world. For example, there are no bathrooms at Liberty Square because there weren’t bathrooms during that time period. Talk about attention to detail!

6. Meet Your Favorite Disney Characters

One of the highlights of Disney World is the opportunity to meet your favorite Disney Characters. This is a special experience, having your childhood heroes and cartoon friends come to life.

Each year Disney’s character list grows, but the pure joy of giving Mickey and Minnie a hug will always be unparalleled.

7. Experience Out-of-This-World Dining

While Disney boasts incredible restaurants and a range of impressive cuisines, that’s not the out-of-this-world experience we’re talking about. This brand new experience takes Diners into outer space with views over planet Earth.

You’ll be surrounded by stars and astronauts, and other celestial objects as you feast in space. It truly is an out-of-this-world experience unlike any other.

8. Take a Trip in Disney’s Gondolas

One of the newest additions to Disney World is the Disney Skyline Gondola. These incredible cable cars soar over Disney World, connecting several Disney resorts to Hollywood Studios and International Gateway.

You’ll have a birds-eye view over the parks below — try spot your favorite characters and attractions in action!

And if you’re wondering about parking for DVC members, you can just avoid driving altogether with these awesome gondolas or the red polka-dot ‘Minnie’ vans.

9. The Highest Level of Quality

There are theme parks and attractions all over the world. But Disney World will always be a stitch above the rest because it is committed to delivering the highest quality service.

You’ll never go on a Disney Vacation and find dirty restrooms or littered streets. Nor will you find old and tired attractions and rides that make you think twice about going on.

You’ll find pristine restrooms, clean and maintained amenities, beautifully manicured gardens, and well-preserved attractions and rides.

You can feel Disney’s love for their parks and their employees in everything that they do and create.

Are You Excited to Make Memories When Visiting Disney?

No matter how old you are, Disney will ignite the imaginative spark in you; the child-like curiosity, and the desire to escape reality into a magical fantasy world. Aside from the exciting attractions and abundance of things to do, you can expect only the highest quality of service and attention to detail when visiting Disney World.

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