9 Hip and Handy Business English Apps for Android

In the modern age, our smartphones are our handiest and most reliable tools. We can do almost anything on them – from managing work emails to playing online games such as the Book of Dead free. You can even use Apps for Android to learn a new skill, such as language learning. Studying a language is a great way to enhance your skills and boost your employability. 

If you specifically want to gain points on your CV, rounded knowledge of business English can really help you. The great thing about language learning apps is that you don’t need a lot of time to make the best out of them. In fact, they are designed for fast learning in bite-sized chunks. This can make your journey to business English fluency smooth and stress-free and can open your career up to new opportunities. Here are the 9 best apps for Android that we recommend when learning business English.


One of the best English apps for Android is FluentU. FluentU aims to provide an immersive and business-oriented experience, which allows you to build professional vocabulary in a variety of learning styles. The app provides video interviews with business leaders and industry experts, allowing you to absorb language skills while listening to professionals discuss their areas of expertise. Features like the app’s interactive subtitles allow you to practice grammar at your own pace and to look up individual words as you go. There are also handy review options, like quizzes and flashcards, to help you monitor your progress. 

Business English Test 

If you want to learn business English, and are looking for great free apps for Android, then the Business English Test is an ideal option. The app focuses specifically on phrases that are commonly used in business situations and allow you to test and build on your business language knowledge. If your aim is to build vocabulary and gradually increase business English fluency, then this app will help you do this in a methodical and manageable way. 

Translation Dictionary

If your business partners are Spanish, you will need extra help with business communication. Choose a handy English Spanish Translation Dictionary. A specialized dictionary of business terms, including financial, managerial, and business vocabulary.

Oxford Finance and Banking

When it comes to building your English skills, it can sometimes be difficult to find a language that is specifically tailored to your sector. This particularly true for industries that rely heavily on jargon, such as law or finance professions. If you want to increase your knowledge of financial business English, the Oxford Finance and Banking app is a perfect way to do this. Essentially operating as a virtual dictionary, this app gives you an extensive breakdown of financial terminology. The app also aids you with searches, even if you can’t spell a word or phrase, and has audio search functions. 

EnLearn: English Podcasts for Learners 

Want to improve your English, but hate pouring over grammar and vocab? Often, we learn more when our interest is engaged with something. EnLearn offers learners the option to slow down English podcasts on a variety of business topics to help them boost their language skills. This is one of the better apps for Android if you already have a good level of English and want to improve your fluency and public speaking skills. 

Business English Pod 

Business English Pod is one of the best business apps for android users who want a more tailored and interactive learning experience. Business English Pod facilitates a large amount of English content and is updated regularly with new lessons. Users have the option to pick and choose which lessons they pay for and can download transcripts of useful pieces. Great for someone who wants to fit in-depth language learning around a busy schedule. 

TED Talks for Android 

TED Talks is one of the best business apps for Android because it offers such a wide variety of content. TED Talks facilitates lectures from well-known speakers in a multitude of fields, many of them related to professional and business spheres. These lectures are streamed on the app and are available with dual subtitles, allowing you to improve your English as you listen. This is a wonderful app not just for language skills but for improving all-round business knowledge.

English Phrasal Verbs

Learning business English is not quite the same as learning regular, spoken English. Business English often involves a great deal of jargon and phrases, which are made up of combinations from different grammar categories. This can make things confusing for non-native speakers, especially under pressure in professional situations. If you have access to apps for Android, you should check out English Phrasal Verbs, as this app can help you with this. EPV hosts a list of over 200 business phrases with easy-to-understand definitions and examples of where to use them. 

Business English Listening 

Want a business English android app that gives you quick and easy lessons to revise? Business English Listening is perfect for people with a fast-paced lifestyle who want to squeeze in a little bit of English practice when they have a free minute. The app offers quick, simple lessons that you can listen to and then test yourself on. It’s similar to Duolingo in this sense, but specifically for business English. The app is great for beginner and intermediate users as there is nothing too long-form or overtly challenging. It will give you a good overview of the basics, however, and a good starting point for advanced learning. 


Like learning any language, becoming fluent in business English takes a lot of time, effort, and practice. The language apps for Android can make this process easier and help you gain the benefits sooner. Happy learning!

Final Call: Have you used an app to help you improve your business English skills? What are some of the challenges you face with business English? Has learning business phrases helped you in your career? Tell us about this in the comments!