9 Fashion and Beauty Tips for the Frazzled, Overworked Mom

When you’re a busy mom, finding time to look gorgeous can be difficult. Between work and dealing with tantrums and scattered toys, you barely get time to yourself and even picking out an outfit every day can be a hassle. So, if you’re a busy mom, here are a few fashion and beauty tips that will have you looking glamorous in no time.

1. Pick out your outfit the night before

Mornings can be frantic. You run around trying to get the kids ready for school, and you can’t remember where you put your car keys, and you don’t want to get late for work. Laying out your outfit the night before can save you from the morning hustle. At the end of a long day, you may not feel up to it. We get it. But once you start doing it, you’ll get used to it, and you’ll wonder why you never used to do it before. You should also consider something that is comfy and attractive like this loungewear from Peppermayo.

2. Use dry shampoo

If you struggle to find time to wash your hair, dry shampoo was made for you. Not only will it make your hair supple, but it will also give it a lustrous look. But don’t go overboard with it. For best results, experts recommend you should use it a maximum of twice a week.

3. Ditch nail polish

Applying nail polish can be quite time-consuming. By going nail polish-free, you’ll save lots of time. Plus, you won’t have to worry about it chipping and ruining your nails or getting tired of the color.

4. Accessorize

Upgrade your outfit with accessories. Accessories are great because they can take your outfit from glum to glam in an instant. Complement your outfit with an elegant watch, a stylish hat, a beautiful necklace, or a cute bag to accentuate your look in no time.

5. Moisturize

Despite your busy schedule, set aside time to moisturize. Moisturizing is essential because it will keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Plus, moisturizing can be a time-saver. The healthier your skin is, the less makeup you’ll need. However, ensure you pick a moisturizer that’s suitable for your skin to avoid harming it.

6. Go natural

Embrace your natural hair. Going natural will not only save you plenty of time but money too. And if you’d like to style your hair by going natural, you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from to fit your personality. You can put your hair in a bun, a simple braid, or a ponytail and look fabulous in no time.

7. Braid your hair at night

If you’re uncomfortable with your natural hair, braid it before bed. Braiding your hair at night will help secure moisture that would otherwise be lost to your pillow’s fabric. It will also reduce the friction between your hair and pillow and prevent hair breakage. And to top it all, you’ll wake up with gorgeous waves that won’t require any heat styling.

8. Choose neutral colors

Picking out an appropriate outfit can be a mind-boggling task. A pair of clothes may feel like a mismatch. Save yourself the hassle of finding matching clothes by buying outfits in neutral colors. Neutrals such as beige, black, white, and gray can pair with just about anything. And if you’re worried about your neutral outfit looking dull, you can pair it with an accessory to accentuate it.

9. Get eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions can enhance your eyes and give you a more vibrant and youthful look. With eyelash extensions, you can ditch false lashes, liners, and mascara. To maintain them, all you’ll need is a brief refill appointment every two to three weeks. They’re an excellent way to elevate your look in no time.

As a busy mom, you hardly ever get time to yourself. And since you’re hard-pressed for time, it’s easy to neglect beauty and fashion. But you deserve to look and feel gorgeous. These beauty and fashion tips will help you do just that while saving you plenty of time.