9 Essential Checks Before a Long Car Journey

Most of us can’t wait for the next road trip or at least a long trip to some fabulous holiday destination. That’s always something to look forward to, especially if we’re travelling with family or friends. However, we can’t just pack our suitcases and hit the road. At least not without having a perfectly functional and safe car to take us there. That’s why it’s important to make sure our vehicle is ready for everything we might encounter on the road. Here is a list of the most essential checks we need to perform before each long car journey and we strongly advise you not to miss a single item on the list. You may need to check out Tucson, AZ bus trip.

Windscreen wipers and screenwash

One of the easiest things to check are the windshield wipers. If you’ve noticed that your wipers are not performing really well any more (and that doesn’t happen overnight), it’s time to replace them. Also, you should always have enough screenwash, so that you can clear your windscreen completely during the journey. Having a dirty or smeared windscreen is both frustrating and dangerous, which is why you should prevent it.

Tire pressure

You know that only properly inflated tires provide enough grip and most economical fuel consumption. Modern cars come with a tire-pressure monitoring feature, which alerts you if there is a problem with your tire pressure, but older models depend on the owner to check if the pressure is correct. Make sure you regularly check it regularly, especially before a long trip. Use your own pressure gauge or one at a nearby gas station and follow the manufacturer’s instruction to the letter.

Tire tread depth

Apart from being correctly inflated, your tires need to be in such a condition that you can completely rely on them to provide maximum safety. Use a measuring gauage to establish how deep your tire tread is. It should be at least 3 mm deep. If it’s worn out, make sure you replace the tires before the trip.


You need to replace all the filters in your car at least once a year, but possibly even more frequently, depending on the mileage and the conditions you’ve been driving in. To be sure you won’t have problems with your engine while driving, it’s recommended you replace your filters before a long trip. Make sure you opt for quality ones, such as reusable K&N filters, since they’ll protect your car in the best possible way.

Oil level

Again, modern cars have a feature that alerts the owner when the oil level is low, but you may have to check it yourself if you have a car without this feature. Oil is crucial when it comes to being able to drive smoothly and if you run out of it, you’ll seriously damage your engine, which will be both difficult and costly to repair you can use catalytic convertor cleaner. Especially when you’re far away from home.


In order for your car to run smoothly, engine coolant needs to regulate the temperature of the cooling system. While newer models have a closed cooling system, which doesn’t require topping up, older ones need to have the coolant level inspected regularly and topped up in necessary.


Your lights need to be fully functional if you want to travel safely. Before a long trip, make sure you inspect whether all bulbs, including headlights, indicators and brake lights, are in perfect condition. Also, it’s wise to have some pare bulbs in the car, just in case, but you should know how to replace them and have all the necessary tools for that.


One reason for giving your car a wash just before a long trip is that you want it to look great and you want to feel good in it. However, there is another important reason why you should do that. Namely, windows and mirrors have to be spotless to give you the best possible visibility, which will keep you safer on the road.

Emergency supplies

Every car should contain an emergency kit, with a warning triangle, a reflective jacket, and a first-aid kit. Even if there may be no legal requirements, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Some countries even ask the drivers to have a small fire-extinguisher, so check the local rules and regulations before you travel in order to avoid paying hefty fines.

While modern cars definitely make maintenance easier, because they alert you about a range of possible problems, older cars really rely solely on the owner to think about every single aspect of maintenance. However, most actions related to it are quite simple and can be performed by the owner. However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing some of these checks, take your car to the nearest garage before a long trip and you’ll be able to enjoy a safe ride to your destination and back home.

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