9 Easy And Interesting Tips To Make Your Green Tea Taste Better

There is hardly any reason not to love green tea, this incredible beverage is loaded with antioxidants, caffeine, and weight loss properties. All thanks to the internet blog, green tea is turning into a staple that is why people are preferring to buy Organic Green Tea Powder Bulk. Given the immeasurable benefits provided by green tea more and more people are inclined to include green tea in their daily lives, however, there is one thing that stands in their way i.e. the flavor.

A lot of people find green tea great in taste, but there are still many people who cannot stand its bitterness. If you belong to the latter group, then this blog is for you, for we will be giving you some easy tips and tricks that will make green tea enjoyable for you. 

It only requires a bit of diligence to make your tea taste great. 

  • Purchase Better Drink Better

Although all green tea would look and smell the same, the truth of the matter is, you cannot trust every brand when it comes to green tea. A poor quality green tea not only tastes worse, but it is also less effective. Therefore, do yourself a favor and get green tea from reputable brands like ‘Tea Globally’. 

  • Take The Green Tea Before It Is Too Late

A common mistake that regular and non-regular tea drinkers do, is not to put green tea bags out after all the essence gets dissolved in the water. Always remember green tea has a short sitting time therefore, it is necessary to take leaves out, otherwise the tea gets bitter. So adjust your timing and surprise your taste buds. 

  • Use A Bit Of Sweetness

If you find the bitterness too unbearable then perhaps you can add a few sugar cubes, however, adding too much sugar can ruin the drink for you. Adding just a hint of sweetness is also great for balancing the flavor. Instead of processed sugar, you should add honey and squeeze some lemons to blend it all well. 

  • Add Ginger

Usually, people are intimidated to add ginger in anything, but we assure adding ginger in your green tea only tastes better. Since ginger has anti-inflammatory elements it would go well with green tea. 

  • Add Herbs And Spices

Fresh herbs taste great with green tea, so feel free to add the cinnamon sticks and fresh mint leaves. It is better to add mint in cold tea and cinnamon in boiling water for hot tea.

  • Mix It With Fruit Teas

To make your green tea more interesting you should try adding some fruits or other herbal teas to your standard green tea. Adding a hint of peach to your white tea would give a new definition to your green tea.

  • Squeeze Some Lemon

If you do not want to overload your green tea and you do not like it plain, then you should try squeezing some lemon. It will surprise you to find out how much difference a few drops of lemon juice can make.

  • Make An Iced Tea

You can get chilled green tea from any good grocery store, but did you know that you can also make one yourself?

All you need to do to make your iced tea is triple your batch of green tea and let it cool overnight. After you have a concentrated green tea solution, add some ice cubes and voila!

  • Add Whiskey

It might sound unbelievable, but if the taste of green tea is all you are concerned with then you should try adding whiskey.

 If you like the flavor of green for what it originally is then that’s okay, but you should at least give these combinations a try. If you do not find the original green tea flavor pleasing, then now you know how to make your green tea taste better. So get yourself in the habit of drinking tea Especially if you are not feeling well, you should try the ginger and lemon combination with green tea. These combinations also work great to alleviate stress and headache. Other than the aforementioned elements, there are tons of ingredients that can upgrade your green tea experience, so feel free to explore.