9 Destinations to Consider for Your Next Vacation

A vacation has many definitions. For some people, a relaxing and remote island is considered paradise. For others, an international adventure in Vietnam is desirable. Regardless of individual preferences, the perfect vacation exists.

Traveling is now possible in almost any country in the world. Depending on the method, some options include coupons or specialized deals. Before traveling, many people search through a variety of sites and businesses to find the best option available.


Tahiti has miles of shoreline available for tourists and locals. Known as a popular honeymoon destination, this island is part of the Society Islands in French Polynesia. Tahiti is located in the central area of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most populous islands of French Polynesia.

The beaches in Tahiti have a black hue from volcanoes, but Plage de Maui beach consists of white sand and warm water. The water is known for its clarity. The Fautaua waterfall is another area to explore. During the rainy season, this waterfall forms a large pool for swimming. Tahiti is ideal for those who like safaris, riding ATVs, and basking in the sun.


Phuket is another beach paradise for those who want to relax. Located in southern Thailand, this destination is often seen as a budget-friendly way to experience boat tours, spa treatments, and white sand beaches.

As the biggest island of Thailand, Phuket is located on the Andaman sea. There is a large Chinese influence. The Chinese Vegetarian Festival is held every year and authentic Chinese restaurants are very popular. In addition to the beach sunsets, Phuket also has a bustling nightlife.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a warm nation in Central America known for its beaches, abundant and diverse wildlife, and excellent food. Take some time to head over there to enjoy the beaches at one of the many Costa Rica Luxury Resorts available and take part in surfing lessons.

Reykjanes Peninsula

The Blue Lagoon is located in Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland. For those who are happiest in colder weather, The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful mix of milky white water and lava fields. The peninsula offers unique volcano tours as well as fishing villages.

Hot springs can be found in this area. Natural energy can be found and steam frequently surrounds the area. The peninsula has an array of colors including turquoise and red earth. This destination is truly a photographers paradise.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon spans 277 miles across Arizona. The views cannot be captured easily through photography. Seeing the canyon in person gives perspective to just how large it really is. Unlike much of the desert, the colors found here are more intense.

The Grand Canyon can be reached by car. There are guided tours for both walking and biking. Some tours even provide a mule for transportation. For those who want to see the beauty without hiking, air tours are also available.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is one of the few places that has both beaches and a bustling metropolis. This is a perfect mix for individuals who want both relaxation and activity. Colonial buildings, church architecture and neighborhood pubs are popular attractions.

Manly beach is accessible by ferry. This area is famous for its world-famous Opera House. The ride is approximately thirty minutes and costs less than $10 USD. If there is interest in surfing, instructors are available. Companies and private instructors can be found throughout the beach.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is popular for its volcanoes, cliffs, and turquoise ocean. The infrastructure is unique due to its climate. When a volcano erupted centuries ago, a cauldron-shaped surface was left. The island’s architecture and infrastructure is built around the landscape.

Although the island itself may look rugged, there are several luxury hotels. The hotel industry is competitive and many businesses offer fine dining and tourism services. Depending on the accommodations booked, transportation can be used to visit volcanoes or boat tours. Tours may include hot springs that are used for swimming.

Amalfi Coast

Located in Italy, the Amalfi Coast is known for its winding roads and stunning cliffs. If flying in to Naples airport, the coast can be reached quickly by car. One of the first things travelers notice is the terraced villages and beautiful beaches.

The food is unique. Lemons are the size of grapefruits and dinners are often served with additional spices. Resort towns are known for incorporating local cuisine when serving tourists. Sorrento has several restaurants and bars that are reasonably priced for travelers.


Patagonia is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only does it have beaches, but snow-capped mountains can be seen from almost anywhere. Patagonia is at the southern end of South America with Argentina and Chile. The Torres del Paine National Park offers several hiking opportunities.

Travelers who like to ride horses will especially enjoy Patagonia. A local cowboy called a gaucho can guide travelers across the land. Horse rides can include trips to burial grounds and majestic canyons. Thermal baths can also be found. These hot springs are filled with chromium and zinc for exfoliation and relaxation.

Vacation Opportunities This Year

Traveling on vacation is a thrilling adventure. Exploring territories and trying new activities with loved ones can strengthen relationships as well as relax the mind. Booking an island getaway or an exotic retreat is always a new experience.