9 Bedroom Ideas You Haven’t Seen a Million Times


So you’ve been scouring the internet for bedroom decorating ideas lately. But you’re frustrated because you’re noticing the same tips over and over again. 


If that sounds like you, you’re all about finding original decorating ideas. And who can blame you? We’re right there with you! 


Well, you’ve come to the right place. It just so happens that the ideas in this article are unique and provide instant inspiration. 


By the time you finish this article, you’ll have some ideas of what to put in your bedroom. And not only will it look stylish, but it’ll also improve your mood! 


So let’s get going so you can start decorating your apartment ASAP. Check out nine unique ideas — that you haven’t seen a million times. 


1. Decorate With Symmetry Objects


For a multi-dimensional display, get a few symmetry objects. Depending on the theme in your bedroom, there are all sorts of objects that could work.


A few ideas are a brass cactus object and a modern jack. Either (or both) will make a bold statement! (Side note: Do you remember playing jacks when you were a kid?)


Geometric structures look fantastic in a modern bedroom. But, don’t worry, you can still add unique structures in your room even if it doesn’t have a contemporary theme.


Find a home for your symmetry objects in your bedroom. A brass cactus would look great on a bedstand or desk if you have one! 


2. Match Your Bedding and Table Lamp


Do you want to know how to blend the colors in your bedroom together seamlessly? 


Select bedding and a table lamp in the same color shade.


You may have a comforter in a beachy blue shade. To complement the comforter, look for a lamp in the same color! The light fixture and bedding can have accent colors that are different, but make sure the primary color is the same. 


By selecting these key elements in the same primary color, it’ll pull everything together nicely. 


3. Hang a Pom Pom Photo Garland 


You’ve likely seen garlands before, but they’re not only for celebrating special events! 


At first, adding pom poms to your bedroom may not sound appealing. 


But believe it or not, adding pom-poms can be a lot of fun. In particular, a is a special way to show off your photos. 


This type of garland makes it fun to display pictures uniquely and magically. 


4. Be Bold With a Tapestry Headboard


Instead of a traditional headboard, try something unique and artistic.


A tapestry headboard adds texture and is a strong focal point in a room. There are all sorts of tapestries, such as one with a scenic location or an abstract design. 


You could also get a personalized tapestry that has a big picture of your pet! Now that would be fun to see every day! 


5. Lean Artwork Against the Wall


If you’re looking to create a bohemian look, one idea is to lean a large art piece against the wall.


Of course, you’ll need enough floor space to pull this off. And, you don’t want to clutter up the walls above the piece of art. Otherwise, it’ll take attention away from it. 


Try to make sure the framed print or painting is large enough so that it won’t look out of place. 


One idea is to have a large print of a location such as a well-known canyon. This type of art piece would stand out and help you achieve a boho vibe!


6. Try Loose Linens


For a lived-in yet stylish bedroom, give loose linens on your bed a try. 


Loose linens are great for a whimsical layout. They also look beautiful, paired with twinkly lights. 


Make sure you keep the surrounding elements tidy. Otherwise, the loose linens will lose its impact. 


This lived-in look is stylish as long as you keep after your room. 


Also, work on having matching decorative elements in the space. Together loose linens and complementary decor will look fantastic! 


7. Get a Roomy Nightstand


If your apartment and thus your bedroom is smaller, you need all the space you can get.


Instead of getting a basic nightstand, get one that has ample storage. A six drawer nightstand has tons of space. Use it to hold electronics, jewelry, scarves, and whatever else you’d like to store. 


On top of your nightstand, have minimal decorations. A framed picture and symmetry object (as we mentioned on #1), are a few elements that would work. 


8. Use a Daybed


To use your bedroom for more than a place to sleep, consider getting a daybed. 


This type of bed doubles as both a sofa and bed. It’s typically the size of a twin size bed. And when you only have a twin size bed in a room, you have more space to enjoy. 


Besides, you have to admit it’s nice having a “sofa” if you feel like kicking back and watching a movie on your computer!


So, if you’d like to have a small office area, you can have a daybed and a place to work in your bedroom. Both will fit now that you don’t have a big queen-sized bed taking up all the space. 


A daybed and office area sounds like a convenient and comfy setup!


9. Stick Glow in the Dark Stars on the Ceiling


If you’d like to sleep under the stars, you can do it every night ‒ in your bedroom! 


To accomplish a beautiful night sky, get some removable star decals that glow in the dark


They’ll no doubt make you feel like you’re camping under the stars! 


If you want to embrace a celestial look, get decor in the same theme. For example, a constellation sky globe and a throw pillow with the moon and stars on it would be perfect!

In Conclusion


Decorating a one-of-a-kind bedroom is possible if you think outside the box. We revealed nine ideas for you to try, and hopefully, we’ve inspired you. 


Who knows, you could now be brimming with ideas of your own!  


If that’s the case, you better get out a pen and write down your thoughts. 


In no time at all, you’re going to be able to put together a stylish and trendy bedroom. It’ll look incredible because it was custom-made for you! 

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