9 Amazing secrets about tummy tuck surgery that you should know

Tummy tuck surgery is on the rise and has a reason for its popularity. People generally seek this surgery to improve their physical outlook. Abdominoplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery used to enhance the shape of the midline area. Thus, the surgery makes you look better outside and feel good inside. However, there are numerous beneficial secrets about tummy tuck surgery that you might not know.

Tummy tuck surgery

There are mainly two types of patient groups that come for a Tummy tuck. Women who want their pre-pregnancy figure back, especially if they want to have their belly and stomach muscles tighter after giving birth. And those who have lost significant weight wish to eliminate excess flabby skin on their waistline. Around 100,000 tummy tucks are performed each year in Pakistan. Moreover, the procedure is very manageable.

Some remarkable secrets about tummy tuck surgery

Because it is a fairly straightforward operation with quick recovery and results, let’s discuss a few tremendous yet lesser-known secrets of tummy tuck surgery.

  1. Corrects Flabby stomach

Tummy tuck surgery corrects a flabby stomach, which is an uncomfortable condition. In this situation, the abdominal muscles separate from the body and cause the stomach to protrude. It is equally problematic for both thin and fat people. The condition known as diastasis recti is primarily observed in women who have delivered a baby because the uterus pushes forward during pregnancy. Men may also experience diastasis recti due to weight gain. Thus, the procedure is suitable for women after they have completed their families, as getting pregnant again may cause the abdominal muscles to re-stretch. So, if you want to remove belly fat from your body, choose this surgery.

  1. Relieves incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence is a medical problem in which a patient experiences uncontrollable urine leakage. The problem mainly occurs when they sneeze, cough, laugh, or exercise. The cause of stress urinary incontinence is a weak pelvic floor that doesn’t allow the urethra to close correctly. Men also experience this issue in some cases, but it mainly affects women who have given vaginal birth. Hence, to fix this problem, the most suitable solution is tummy tuck surgery, as it successfully treats incontinence. After this surgery, patients also experience the benefit of a strengthened and shaped abdomen.

  1. Makes exercise easy

A strong core is the base of a strong body. Therefore, one of the best secrets about tummy tuck surgery is that it tightens the abdominal muscles. It also makes exercise more accessible and more pleasurable. The mini tummy tuck removes the extra belly fat, thus making body movement easy and flexible. Therefore, it allows you to expand your workout regimen after healing. Furthermore, it is also helpful in maintaining a stable weight by giving you a trimmer figure. This motivates the patient to follow a healthier diet and exercise regularly.

  1. Reduces risk of diabetes

Excess weight is the root of type 2 diabetes, and liposuction is a standard component of tummy tuck procedures. Because it decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes by removing extra fats from the body. The pancreas usually works when the fat cells are extracted from the body. The pancreas produces a hormone that helps the body to digest blood sugar. So, when the weight is average and manageable, the pancreas’s function is active, producing insulin efficiently and dropping the risk of type 2 diabetes decreases.

  1. Improves back pain

Back pain is an increasing issue in men and women altogether. It has various reasons, one of them is excess weight. And abdominoplasty makes you look taller and slimmer and improves and prevents lower back pain. Increase your body’s core strength by making you sit straight and stand taller. Thus, refraining the body from slouching. So, improving back pain also comes among the unknown secrets about Tummy tucks.

  1. Corrects ventral hernia

Ventral hernias are when the abdominal organs protrude through the abdominal wall, forming a bulge. Thus, causing the lower belly to create an extra organ-like structure. The cause of ventral hernias is weak abdominal muscles. There could be many reasons for its weakness, typically weight gain or weight loss, a C-section, and may be appendectomy. So, amongst secrets about Tummy tucks, ventral hernia repair is one. As it returns the abdominal organ to its exact position and repairs, the weakened lower abdominal muscles.

  1. Improve body image

It is known that losing weight and looking at your body in shape again gives you immense pleasure. Since you will get rid of your extra fat, you will get a stronger core. Many patients happily share their experience that tummy tuck surgery has increased their confidence and self-image. Thus, a mini tummy tuck can improve your overall shape and appearance.

Though not a weight loss surgery, the procedure is designed to contour the abdomen by removing excess skin and fat. Because the overstretched abdominal muscles are tightened with the help of internal stitches and make the waist look flat again. Hence, the remaining skin creates a smooth and more toned appearance. 

  1. Quick Recovery

The recovery is quick and less extensive than it was before. Because the tummy tucks procedure has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Back, patients used to stay in the hospital for several days. However, today, the process completes in two to three hours. But generally, the patient would need two weeks off from work. And it will take almost a week before they stand on their feet and start feeling comfortable.

  1. Hidden Scars

A surgical procedure uses a horizontal incision that covers the waistline. Especially in females, the C-section incision is used to perform the abdominoplasty, so patients get only one scar. Moreover, the scar incision healing process is quick, giving patients the best possible result.

So, it is an advanced tummy tuck procedure that adds liposuction to remove any remaining fat in the upper abdomen. So, the secrets of tummy tuck surgery are it removes stubborn fat and does not leave a prominent scar around the waistline. The surgery also creates a cinched waist, providing better results and enhancing patient safety. Hence, it is a beneficial surgery with many hidden secrets you should know. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mustehsan Bashir at Cosmeticoplasty has been helping his patients improve their health and self-esteem. Feel comfortable and confident in your body by contacting him online or by calling. Also, the Tummy Tuck Cost in Lahore is affordable at his clinic.