8 Ways to Shop Online Smartly and Make Your Friends Jealous

Do not shop online unless you have a good reason to. Never pay the full amount.

Nothing should be purchased at full price anymore, thanks to the abundance of discount coupons and price trackers (hello, Drop list!), frequent sales, and membership programs.

Online buying isn’t only about clipping digital coupons or waiting for a big discount to come up. Signing up for loyalty programs that offer more than spam and even performing a little work to earn a large price adjustment are all part of this strategy.

Actually, here are eight internet buying strategies that are sure to blow your mind…and your credit card bill!

1.   The best time to shop is on the right days of the week.

Shop when you want, but keep in mind that sales and promotions disappear on Wednesdays and Fridays, so plan ahead if you can.

2.   It’s possible to defeat dynamic pricing.

Dynamic pricing, an inconvenient but difficult-to-beat game, is one of the causes of airline price fluctuations.

Clearing browser cookies, staying incognito, or even utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) will help you avoid dynamic pricing and find lower prices. Traditionally, the finest airline prices are discovered on Tuesday afternoons, but we’ve found that the old rule no longer holds true in today’s world of frequent and random deals.

3.   Enroll in everything.

Noone ever likes spam, but getting a 10% or 15% discount for signing up for an email list isn’t too terrible. You’ll also be the first to know about selling, which can benefit you save money in the long run and give you an idea of the product’s sales schedule so that you can plan your purchases accordingly. Set up a separate email account to avoid being inundated with promotional emails.

After you’ve signed up for all of the email subscriptions, don’t forget to enroll in all of the rewards programs. Every time you shop, you’ll get points that may be used for rewards like freebies, swag, or even future discounts. For those who are less than faithful, you’ll at least get free delivery or a birthday gift. On your birthday, Sephora and Ulta both offer complimentary beauty goods, as well as early access for their yearly promotions, to members of their loyalty programs.

4.   Set up flight alerts.

You don’t need any more emails from us. However, if you’re planning a trip, you should absolutely sign up for Google Flights price alerts. As soon as the price drops, you’ll receive an email to let you know. You can also examine the pricing history of your flight, which is a handy feature, to determine if the current price is worth it or if you should hold off.

5.   Chatbots can be used to get price changes.

The capabilities of customer support chatbots are nearly limitless, from extending the expiration date of a coupon to obtaining exclusive discounts that aren’t publicly publicized to honoring a price-match guarantee. It’s a far better experience than having to wait 16 minutes for a customer service professional to answer the phone and play “hold” music.

Price changes, which are offered by much more retailers than you might assume, including airlines, are one of the largest things we’ve been enabled to use chatbots for. For example, if the price of your ticket reduces within 24 hours or five days, JetBlue will refund the difference or credit your account accordingly.

Adjustment windows vary by shop, although typically are at least seven days. Retailers have their very own windows of time to win adjustments. Asking for a pricing adjustment doesn’t even require you to know if a company is willing to make the change. The best approach to keep up with price changes is to use a price monitor like Honey’s Droplist.

6. These are the presents that keep on giving.

CardPool and Raise, which carry a wide variety of e-gift cards for nearly every retailer, are great places to buy inexpensive gift cards and stack them with discount codes.

7. You’ll also get free shipping on all orders.

To receive free ground shipment worth $7, how many occasions have you spent an extra 15 minutes searching for the cheapest filler item? Exactly.

Trying ShopRunner if you’re fed up with being conned out of free delivery is a good idea. Free two-day shipping with no minimum is available at hundreds of national stores, including Kinly, Neiman Marcus, Adorama, and Bloomingdale’s, for a reasonable $79 yearly cost.

Free delivery to a shop for in-person pickup is becoming more common among retailers as well. When purchasing clothing, shoes, or other accessories, this is especially useful because you can try them on right away and refund or exchange them as necessary without having to make a trip to the post office.

If you’ve ever bought groceries online, for instance, buy grocery in Singapore, you might get an option for free shipping after you purchase a certain amount.

8. After adding things to your cart, wait a few days.

There is no doubt that your internet buying activities are being monitored. After all, how else can your account for the sudden influx of spring sandals advertisements on your Instagram page, or the sudden appearance of adverts for a new phone after you Googled its price range?

Putting products in your cart and then leaving them there can get you a discount. As a result, you’ll receive a few emails reminding you that you left an item in your shopping basket.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.