8 Ways to Reduce App Development Costs in 2020

In this world of mobile apps, brand identity and customer contact are the two main things that determine the success of the majority of businesses. As of now, the majority of startups, SMEs, or enterprise businesses are looking forward to developing their business applications.

A professional mobile app development company is building a high-quality application by adding features of the latest technology. Therefore, various businesses are also looking forward to integrating these things in their app to attract more users and to increase their revenue.

However, the main challenge faced by businesses & brands is high mobile app development cost. Therefore, they are always searching for different ways to reduce app development cost without affecting its quality.

To resolve your issue, here we have compiled a list of different ways to reduce app development cost. Without taking much of your time, let’s have a look at each of them in detail.

8 Ways to Reduce App Development Cost in 2020

List project requirement accurately

Proper documentation is the main factor that determines the success of a project. If you fail to achieve this, then it will result in a lot of changes during the development phase due to conflicts between the requirements of the project & work done by the development team. This will, in turn, increase the cost of the project.

Hence, the most important thing that you should ever do is to document clear and concise requirements of the mobile app development project. By doing this, you can easily discuss your project with the app development company and save their time and hard work.

Mistakes are an unavoidable part of any app development project. But, with proper documentation, there will be less chances of any errors.

Conduct a deep research

Before deciding to develop a mobile app, the first thing that you should ever do is to carry out deep research of your competitors. 

By checking all your competitors, you will get a clear idea about consumer preferences and behavior. This will help you determine what you should integrate into your mobile app.

A well-done research will help you to list all the goals and requirements of the project. This is in-turn help to speed up the development process.


It is a crucial step that everyone should consider when working on a mobile app development project with a competitive budget. 

Various businesses don’t look after the look and design of the mobile app development project. They work hard on different things but actually screen mockups and wireframes help to decide product flow, user-friendliness, and overall look. 

If you just consist of rough sketches of how the product screen would look like, the task of the development team will be reduced and they will be able to deliver the highly sustainable product.

Choosing the right platform & framework

You should decide whether you want to develop an app for Android or iOS or both the platforms. 

After deciding the platform, you should decide on the framework. As of now, there are only two frameworks, Native and Cross-Platform(Hybrid).

The native framework allows you to develop an app for a particular platform such as Android or iOS.

However, the cross-platform framework enables you to develop an app on both the platforms, Android and iOS using a single code.

Here, the native framework is expensive because a developer has to build an app for one platform. Therefore, if you want to reduce mobile app development cost, go with the cross-platform app development framework.

There are a wide number of cross-platform app development frameworks available in the market, which will help you to reduce the cost of the project.


MVP is known as a minimal viable product. In the case of mobile application development, MVP is known as the basic version of the application. 

MVP is simply a process in which a new product along with the core features is developed for potential users. Here, the fully-fledged app is designed and developed after getting feedback from the users. 

A properly structured MVP consists of the least number of features that resolves the core issues faced by a particular set of users. After serving the needs of these users, you start to reach out to other potential customers.

MVP plays a vital role to reduce app development cost. MVP is inexpensive to build and also enables to identify issues before the initialization of the actual development process. 

Agile Methodology

The traditional method follows a straightforward approach in which the app is developed with all set of features, tested, and then optimized as per the requirement. Various features that are less useful or must be omitted during the testing phase, you will spend a majority of time in developing them.

In Agile methodology, the entire app development project is divided into a lot of small development phases which include tasks, sub-tasks, and different modules. 

Every module is developed, tested and then released via iterative cycles known as Sprints. If there is any requirement of modification, then the team will communicate with the client and update it accordingly. By adopting this method, you will save a lot of time as well as money.

Hire outsource app development company

Hiring an outsourcing company having a dedicated team of developers will help to reduce a lot of your costs. The majority of businesses and brands like to work with an outsource app development company.

An outsourcing company will provide you different hiring options and you can select the best model as per your project needs. You mainly have two options: fixed cost and hourly based model. 

The cost of hiring an in-house development team is much higher as compared to the outsource development team. Choosing to work with an in-house development team includes a lot of expenses such as electricity bills, salaries, hardware/software costs, etc.

An outsource app development company will be a cost-effective option for a long time. Here, the project is developed by an expert team of developers, therefore the quality will be the best. 

When you choose to outsource your project, you get an option to look out for developers across the globe. 

Communicate with the development team

Development of the project carries out with ease if there is constant communication between you the development team. The regular interaction will help to sort any issues about the project with the developer with ease. Moreover, you can have a record of the progress of the project.


Mobile App Development is a very subtle process and its cost depends on a lot of factors. Therefore, it is very much essential to list of all the requirements before allocating your project to the development team. 

To reduce the mobile app development cost, you should follow all the points that are mentioned above. By following them thoroughly, we ensure that you will be able to reduce the cost of developing an application in 2020.