8 Ways Content Analysis Can Help You Better Market Your Business

As a content marketer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the content users are being providing with, successfully promotes the brand, product or service in question. One highly effective way of making sure that it does exactly that, is to carry out content analysis, and here are 8 things you should be asking yourself when doing so:

  1. Does the content add value?

Above all else, content must be of value to the target audience, and giving them stats, study findings and imagery, is a great way of ensuring that every single paragraph serves a purpose and addresses the potential customer’s demands.

  • Is the content readable?

Readability is vital for successful content, and since it’s a metric measured by Google, it’s essential for SEO content writing and landing page optimization. With succinct paragraphs, bullet points, headings and a lack of jargon and confusing phrases, for example, you can give potential customers something that isn’t just interesting and factual, but easy to read.

  • Is the content unique?

Search engines value originality, and even if you’re saying something in your content that has been said a hundred times before, you must try and find a fresh new perspective with which to deliver it, if you want to keep readers interested and engaged. 

  • Is the content accurate?

It’s vital that all statistics and data you include in your content be up-to-date and accurate, and for maximum impact, use reputable sources from within your industry to reflect them. You may also be surprised to learn how many companies display inaccurate contact information on their websites; if someone is loving your content and wants to reach out to you about a product or service you’re offering, or simply has a question to ask, how will they find you? And if they can’t find you, they’ll simply find someone else to help them.

  • Does the content maintain brand consistency?

For potential customers to identify with your brand through your content, and recognize it among the many thousands of competitors, it must remain consistent and be fully in line with the principles and facets that make up its identity. Working with a professional digital marketing company can help ensure that content and brand continuity, are maintained at all times.

  • Have you carried out a content gap analysis?

Professional content writing agencies perform content gap analysis to help them identify weaknesses among their competitors, which they can go on to use to their advantage. Content gap analysis might reveal, for instance, some keywords that your competitors rank for, but you do not, giving you the opportunity to try and develop fresh new content centered around those words.

  • Is your landing page optimized?

If your landing page is home to certain products or services that you provide, you should be checking that it’s optimized to convert visitors or capture their relevant information. Think carefully about the keywords used on your landing page, and try to use long-tail keywords that focus on search intent.

  • Are you using analytics?

Google Analytics can be used to track and measure traffic to your site, unique page views, the average time spent on a page, bounce rates and average pages per session among many other things, and should help you identify what content has a high conversion rate, and what needs to be worked on.

That’s a lot of questions to answer, right? If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and are struggling to create strong content, why not seek help from a professional content writer? Their expertise and valuable insights could help ensure that your content is doing everything it should, and a whole lot more.