8 Unconventional Business Ideas

When you think of business, you think of the corporate world full of suits, board meetings, and eight-hour days sitting behind a desk. But the world of business offers so many more opportunities than that.


Sure, any business has administrative needs and a desire to turn a profit, but there are numerous ways to do that while still infusing a little fun and creativity. These days, you can turn almost anything you’re passionate about into a business. If you’ve got the drive and the commitment, unconventional dreams can become a full-fledged career in no time.


You’re allowed to bring creativity into the corporate world. No matter how unconventional your idea, there are people in the world that will love your product. It’s never been an easier time to start your own company. Whether you’re selling practical products, opening a local shop, or filling a need in your community, your business has a place in the world. Here are just a few unconventional business ideas that will put you on the path to success. May they inspire you to take a risk, trust yourself, and pursue your dreams of starting a company of your own.


Refurbish Vehicles

Perhaps you’re good with your hands and love a challenge. You can make a career out of giving a second life to old pieces of junk. One way to do this is by refurbishing vehicles. Across the world, young people are abandoning the typical narrative of a stationary life in a home. The trend of refurbishing vans or buses into tiny homes to travel the country in is sweeping the nation. You can have a part in that. For example, in an online school bus auction, you can purchase an old bus for a low cost. And it doesn’t stop at buses, you can also find cars, vans, and other vehicles online at a reasonable rate.


There are endless possibilities for what you can do with your new purchase. Maybe your school bus can transform into a party bus or a stationary book shop or even a fun, funky restaurant. The possibilities are endless for you to transform an old vehicle into a business of its own, or you can simply make a living by refurbishing cars and vans for others.



Join a Franchise

You may not realize this, but there are plenty of opportunities to make money by joining an already established company. Many businesses have franchises for sale that allow you to open a branch of that business right in your backyard. While this idea may be unconventional, it provides plenty of security. The strength of the brand and an unlimited network of resources give you the flexibility and personal freedom of franchising while opening the door to unlocked earning potential. Companies like the UPS Store have a great reputation for earning their franchisees a great income with wonderful amenities. So see if there are any available locations today and take advantage of a great opportunity.



Start a Studio

Oftentimes artists or musicians need space to create their art. You can make an income by filling this need. Consider creating and opening a studio, for yourself or for your community. You can get creative with this location. Rather than renting space in a building, consider renting a storage unit to operate out of.


You can find many storage units in Albuquerque or anywhere you may call home. These spaces are versatile and can offer opportunities for you to transform the space into whatever you need it to be for your business.


Open a Cafe

Opening a cafe or a small restaurant may seem like a pretty conventional business idea, but there are so many ways to turn it into something unique and special. Maybe you want to open a cat cafe that allows individuals to have coffee while they hang out with their feline friends. Or maybe you want to start an eatery that focuses on organically grown, vegan products. There are many ways to find a specific niche that can take your standard business idea and turn it into an unconventional staple of the community.



Make Something Unique

Are you crafty and artistic? You could start a business simply by selling your art and DIY projects. Start by creating a unique product that people will love. The key here is to make something truly special or customizable. Maybe you can make digital artwork from family portraits, or you can sell jewelry made out of recycled cans, or even find a way to create furniture out of unconventional materials. The possibilities are endless. You can usually find materials for cheap through companies that sell liquidation pallets. For this career path to work, you need a whole lot of creativity and a niche audience that will love your specials.


Work with Animals

Pets and animals are universally adored. So if working with animals is your cup of tea, how can you create a business that centers around your four-legged friends? It may be unconventional, but people can make a lot of money working as a dog walker or as a pet sitter.


You could also start your own business as a dog groomer or even as a pooper scooper picking up after animals. People are willing to spend money on their pets; take advantage of it. You could help create sustainable toys and items for cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles. Even creating new treats can be an opportunity to work with animals full time and make money while doing it.



Get Rid of Pests

While cats and dogs are animals you love, there are some animals that the general population isn’t so fond of. Bugs and pests can be annoying and tricky to get under control. If you have a strong stomach and don’t mind dealing with these creatures, you could start a business taking care of them for other people. That’s one way to be sure your business has customers, by offering a service no one wants to do themselves.


For example, there are companies that specialize in lice removal. So when there is an outbreak, you can be there with your tools in hand ready to pick out those nasty bugs. If you’re feeling a little less hands-on, you can also work to develop products to keep bugs out. Like mosquito nets or bed bug deterrents. People will be happy to pay to keep these pesky bugs out of their life, so give the people what they’re asking for.


Tell People What to Do

Are you someone who has strong opinions and likes making connections? If you answered yes, you may enjoy a career where you get to tell people what to do. Consider becoming a certified life coach. You have the opportunity to help others in so many ways. Whether it’s with their romantic life, career, social life, weight loss, or wellness journeys, your words and support can help individuals become the best versions of themselves. This is an ideal career path for someone who enjoys working closely with people and getting to make a difference in the world. If this is you, there are so many unique, creative, and unconventional ways to reach out to people and truly make an impact on their lives.



The key to starting any business is to truly have passion behind it. So while you’ve just read a list of ideas for unconventional businesses, the best business for you to start is the one you create. Embrace your uniqueness and look for opportunities to turn your passion project into a profitable company.