8 Tools Every Plumber Must Have In Their Kit

No plumber can carry out their work successfully without a certain number of tools in their kit, and having the right ones can mean the difference between a job well done, and a job that requires further intervention. 

To make sure you’re able to fulfil your vital role as a plumber successfully, here are 8 tools to carry with you in your kit bag:

  1. An adjustable pipe wrench

A common tool for both professional and amateur plumbers, an adjustable pipe wrench can be used to tighten and loosen hexagonal nuts, and for a variety of pipework. With a good quality pipe wrench that can be adjusted to size, plumbing tasks are made much easier. 

  1. An internal wrench

This particular tool can be used to easily remove internal parts that may be broken or damaged in some way, without causing further damage, and they complement any pipe wrench set. 

  1. A plunger

Many homes will have a plunger sitting beneath their kitchen sink, and while they are used for household purposes of unblocking drains, they can also be used professionally by plumbers to help resolve blockage issues in pipework. There are typically two types of plunger: the cup plunger, and the flange plunger. 

  1. A hand auger

When a plumber can’t solve a blockage by unclogging it using traditional methods (i.e. with a plunger), this tried and tested manual tool has since received a number of technological improvements, and is commonly used by plumbers to draw a cable deep down into a pipe or cavity, and loosen the blockage. 

  1. Pipe and tube cutters

The cutting, resizing and remolding of pipework and tubes is always necessary in plumbing, and because it’s such a common requirement, no plumber should be without a high quality pipe cutter to ensure that copper, plastic or brass pipes are cut smoothly and precisely. 

  1. Faucet keys

This simplistic, four-way or cross shaped key, helps plumbers to open and close sillcocks and spigots, and as it comes in a variety of metal options, it should last for many years when cared for appropriately. 

  1. Snake machine

When hand augers are no longer helping the issue, this is a solution many plumbers turn to when unblocking drains. Powered by electricity, snake machines come equipped with a long wire that helps to deeply clean pipes and drains, and for stubborn blockages and drainage problems, it’s a must-have bit of kit for any plumber. 

  1. Cordless drill

Without the worry and inconvenience of a long wire, battery-powered cordless drills can be used for drilling holes in any location, and is a far more efficient solution when compared to conventional drills.  

Nowadays, all the tools a plumber might possibly need are available online, offering the ultimate solution for convenient and fast purchasing and delivery. So, to get your plumbing kit up to standard, make sure you’ve got the above mentioned tools as a bare minimum. 


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