Got a cheap discounted tablet which has some issues related to the Microsoft store and other apps. Well, you don’t have to worry about it as today we have gathered the complete information about the top tips that you can use to fix these issues of Microsoft application store, and you can easily fix your cheap discounted tablet at home now! We have the solution to every problem for our readers, and as we were getting a lot of queries about the Microsoft store errors lately, so we thought of addressing the issue today.

Here is the list of the top eight tips to fix Microsoft store and application issues especially in tablets and laptops with windows 10.

Use the App Store’s Troubleshooter!

You will be glad to know this that Microsoft has its own troubleshooter and it is responsible for scanning and detecting any sort of problem that is preventing the app store or any other app in specific to work properly and efficiently! You can easily access the troubleshooter by pressing the Windows key with me, and you will be reverted to the settings from where you can go to the update and security section and check for the troubleshooter. The troubleshooter can easily fix smaller issues!

cheap discounted tabletCheck the time on your computer!

Your Microsoft app can sometimes not respond because of the time on your computer system so you should check the time on the system to try and solve the issue!

Clearing the Microsoft office!

Now, this is yet another important tip that will help you get rid of the app store issues. Clearing the background, Microsoft office apps will surely help you!

Clearing the cache!

You must try this tip too; in your cheap discounted tablet you can clear the previous cache so that it can simply start as fresh!

cheap discounted tablet







Update your windows!

Now, this is another tip that you can use to solve your app store issues, you can check for updates and can simply download the update and install it on your system. This solves the problem in maximum cases!

Edit the registry!

You can easily solve the app store issues by simply editing the registry of the connection errors. If you are not able to connect to the app store and the store is not being launched properly or is not downloading any application, you must surely try and head to the registry to fix this problem! You can fix it in advanced security settings!

Checking the proxy settings and registering yourself again with the store!

You can simply check the proxy settings and clear the unwanted cookies on your Microsoft account, and you can also register yourself again with Microsoft after signing out. You can either use the same or a new account for your cheap discounted tablet!

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