8 Things You Must Carry In Your Handbag When Wearing Ethnic Wear

Women know themselves and know exactly what they need to carry. But there are times when confusion stabs on the back of your head and then nothing pops out. When wearing any designer ethnic wear such as a gorgeous lehenga or saree or Patiala suit and heading to a party, there are some essential things that you must need to carry in your bag for a perfect and confident eve. Trust me, it will feel like carrying the entire world in your purse. Whatever you dig out of your bag and when that nitty piece doesn’t pops out in your hand, you feel little stressed out. So, here I have brought you must have handbag essentials that you need to carry especially when planning to war any of your fave designer ethnic wear.

Some Minute Tips:

  • If you’re a busy corporate woman or homemaker, every weekend clean up your bag by digging out old bills and papers and reminder notes.
  • Check out if your balm or eye liner or any makeup’s lid is open or not.
  • Is your bag is clean enough to place a clean lot of napkins or blotting paper?
  • Check if your online handbags are enough spacious to make room for everything that you need.

If everything seems cool here, you can put straight these below mentioned important things inside your bag:

Safety Pins

You know the problem of carrying salwar suits and dupatta at the same time, when you are running out of time. At such hours, safety pin can be your lifesaver. They are the great matchmakers for the popped out buttons as well.

Blotting Paper

These absorbent papers are great oil and dirt wipers that every woman must stack their bag with these essentials. Now, extra sweats over brows, cheeks, and upper lip will be taken care of.

Healthy Snack

Gluttony is not a need but a want of your stomach. Don’t feed it extra but carry enough in a compact style in the mini pocket of your bag.

Stain Eraser Pen

Save your élan and appeal at the time of need with this stain eraser pen. Some mishaps or carelessness is just fine but you always need to have the perfect thing to veil it as well.

Hair Bands & Accessories

A messy hair looks that you’re irked with something and doesn’t seem nice in a formal getaway. So, buy handbags for girls and pick out best and foremost needed hair accessories inside them. Some are hair bands, clips, hair clutches and etc.

Extra Pair Of Earrings

There is no trick or hack for a lost pair of earrings. You may even need some other pair according to your mood. And there’s no harm to feed your mood an extra sometimes.

Lip Shade

Nothing is more important in your face makeup accessory array than the lip shade or lip balm. Carry both or one of the most needed to put on a shade that will help you to rule the world.

Makeup Compact

A sweat and tired face doesn’t seem happy to anyone and it may shatter the gorgeous appeal of your dress as well. You need to maintain your captivating persona and for this carry a makeup compact always. Cover up, shade a little, whenever needed.