Believe it or not but every person plans to move to another location once in a lifetime for many reasons. Apart from the days spent in search of finding a better place to live, people waste a lot of time in finding the right packers and movers to relocate peacefully with guaranteed safety of goods from damages & loss that usually occur in the shifting process. But choosing the best and the genuine moving company becomes a bit confusing task for those who are shifting for the first time. In the crowd of numerous logistics firms, it is really problematic for new customers to find authentic staff for the hassle-free movement of valuable belongings.  

The risks of loss of goods & damages are high if your packers & movers are not untrained and fake. You will find several moving companies that are actively operating in the local market with similar brand names. Along with their cheap moving solutions, they provide bumper discounts on their packers and movers services with manifold perks and facilities that certainly make them lure innocent customers who fall prey to their fraudulent claims. The cases of scams done by fraud packers and movers are increasing rapidly in the market & it is a matter of concern for consumer safety & support.

The alarming rise in moving scams is encouraging people to take all necessary precautions to prevent themselves from the risks of hiring fraud shifting companies. Like every smart customer, you must look out for these 8 specialties of authentic & trustworthy packers & movers in India:

1. A valid certification by IBA

Every trustworthy moving company is certified by IBA and owns all legal documents of GST registration, certification of company establishment, license to operate as an agency, & other papers issued by the concerned authority. These certifications accredit the credibility & trustworthiness of packers and movers you hire.

2. Written quotes & invoice

If your shifting service provider is reliable then they won’t hesitate in providing free price estimates in a written format. Customers must ask for free quotations and invoices in a written format not only to keep records but also to ensure that you won’t end up paying extra for unreasonable expenses in the final bill.

3. Packing material of good quality

With full-service relocations, a trusted moving company will provide you a team of packers and movers with all types of packing supplies of superior quality. They use premium packing materials like bubble wraps, wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, packing tape, scissors, etc. to avoid scratches & breakages on movables during the shifting process. If your relocation company is concerned about the safety & care of your goods then they won’t compromise with the quality of the material they will use for packing your goods.

4. Insurance coverage on goods

Paying a few bucks for insurance coverage is better than spending huge on the expensive repairs of luxurious items. Customers must ask for insurance facilities so that they can claim compensation on the unintentional damage or loss of items done by the packers and movers in the moving process. This will save you from the monetary losses & you can also consider it as a token of authenticity from your service provider.

5. Highly professional & skilled packers & movers

All the leading shifting companies possess a team of fully trained and experienced packers and movers who are dedicated to relocating each & every item safely, smoothly, & speedily to the destined location. They do perfect packing with safe handling of goods while loading & moving them without causing any mess & delays in the shipping process. The shifting personnel is very professional with the time, speed, & safety of movables as any negligence can bring down their credibility that will damage their reputation in the industry.

6. Wider reach in the market

You can easily find local packers and movers near to you but can you can’t trust them if their services are limited within your locality or district only? Of course not because top-rated moving professionals have a broader reach all across the nation and other countries. Their broad network of packers and movers justify their prominence as a reliable shifting partner of millions of customers throughout the country and abroad. It simply means that they are efficient & capable of moving all your belongings without delays, damages, & inconvenience.

7. Prompt customer support

For the assistance of clients, every moving agency provides 24/7 customer assistance with a team of professional executives who not only respond to the queries & complaints made by the customers but also resolve them in the shortest time period as possible. If customer support is not reachable then you can’t rely on them if you’re facing problems or dissatisfaction with their services.

8.  Budget-friendly services

The right packers and movers will provide quality relocation services at cost-effective pricing. They won’t loot their customers at any cost like other cheap shifting companies that cheat on their clients by sharing quotes at low rates & later charge them double than the estimated amount. If your shifting company offers affordable services as per the standard market rates then you must go for it but if their charges are very low then you must think again.

With skilled manpower and years of experience, every shifting company gains trust and builds its reputation in the competitive market. But to stay on a safer side, consumers are taking all necessary measures to avoid getting trapped in the hands of wrong packers and movers in India.


Phillip Moxley is a Digital Marketing Executive at Taggbox, a leading UGC provider platform. He has two years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.