8 Short Video Animation Creation Tips That You Cannot Afford To Miss

Have you ever imagined what makes those short animated videos win Oscars? Is it the story, visuals, or something entirely else? We have gathered around some mind-blowing tips that will help you create jaw-dropping short video animation. 

  • Find A Unique Idea¬†

To create an award-winning video, the first thing you need is a unique idea. Every short film starts with a simple, unique idea that strikes the heart of the audience. Also, that idea should not even be something very out-of-the-world. A great short video is something that highlights an idea and lures the audience like a magnet. 

  • Make It Personal¬†

The primary inspiration must come from a personal place. Something that highlights an issue and delivers it in a relatable manner. 

Choose an audience ‚Äď a persona you want to target and revolve your video around that target audience.¬†

  • A Passionate Cause¬†

If you want to leave a lasting impact, choose a cause that you are passionate about. It can be child abuse, personal development, or any social cause, and make a video around those topics. 

If you choose something that excites you, it will be easy to choose the right theme, sound, and narrative, a powerful story that will undoubtedly impact the audience. 

  • Remove Everything But Essentials¬†

Telling a tale in a short film demands it’s share of challenges. You need to take the core message, strip it down to its core, and create a story that will deliver the message memorably.¬†

The best way to do it is to figure out the ending first. Think where you want your audience to leave. Now, go backward and fill the blanks that will link to the end. 

In a creative field, there is no right or wrong way. You need to deliver your message, and if you make it to the target audience, it will stand out from the crowd. 

  • Don’t Ignore Internal Communication¬†

Regardless of the team’s size, it would help if you kept every team member in the loop. That’s the key to create a video that can win hearts. The process of bonding with another human will nurture ideas and make them compelling.¬†

  • Familiarize Yourself With The Process¬†

When you create that first video, there will be things that you will mess up. As you create more videos, you’ll train yourself in learning the process. Don’t let unfamiliarity limit you from making a video that can leave an impact.¬†

Start with whatever skills you have and as you move along the way, learn the necessary ones to keep engage the audience and make them fall in love with the video. 

  • Don’t Forget The Basics¬†

The core of storytelling is authenticity. Indeed, not all the critics will love your video. But, if you stick to the core message, it will surely make people talk about the video. 

If you check the pattern of every animated video production that won an Oscar, you will realize that it revolves around the basic theme. The problem, conflict, and its resolution. 

Whatever story you want to create, stick to these basics, and everything will be fine. 

  • Let Story Be Your Style Guide¬†

Short animated videos present an opportunity to play with the styles and aesthetic. It presents room to experiment with the style that best fits the target audience. 

The best advice is not to focus on the style. Just focus on communicating an idea, and the style guide will follow. As you proceed with the video, you will be able to style the video to make an impact. 

A lot of stories work in various styles. It isn’t easy to judge which style will fit the story before you start making the video. You need to convey a clear message in a raw form, and the style guide will follow.¬†

Closing Thoughts 

Short video animation is, no doubt, one of the most challenging forms of video creation. In a short time, you need to set the tone of the story, deliver a message and mesmerize an audience. However, if you know the basics of a story and how to lay it down, you’ll be fine.¬†

Use these tips to create your next short video. Now, you know which aspects of a short video are worth focusing on, so you can easily create the video without asking for help. 

You have an idea that you want to present to the world, take this advice, and create a video that will surely touch people’s hearts and minds. And yes, not everyone will like the video, so it’s okay to inspire a few souls who can understand your video and get something from it.¬†¬†